[proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

Does anybody get the silver rune? How do you do it beyond getting lucky with teleports?

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

chequers wrote:Does anybody get the silver rune? How do you do it beyond getting lucky with teleports?

Yeah I did it last night on a JiTK 9 rune game and have done it on others. I generally just teleport immediately. I usually hit V3 with a character that is tough enough to take things for a bit. I had to teleport 4 times last night. Other time once or twice. I almost never wind up at v3 with too few teleports scrolls. Also I try to have some stealth by that point and some regen, those two typically allow you to recover ok. I wouldn't call it getting "lucky" with teleports, since it usually works fine after a try or three. I have seen people just make a run to a side or an interior with a corridor or whatever but generally that the same as a bad teleport I find.

I have also done it as Qazlal twice(maybe more?), I generally teleport there too and make my way to an edge which invariably fills the entire corridor and I killed everything.


I think there should be one more Bazaar entrance on zot 4 or 5, on the JiTK 9 rune last night (entered Pan on U1 so hit U2 bazzar after pan) I was overall happy with the bazaar but I still had like 3k gold left on zot 5, part of that was I didn't find much to buy that was worthwhile after the first couple things but, also I am pretty sure it was about 1500 gold gained that is useless after U2. Once the last Bazaar spawns all gold is useless to non-gozag

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

So I was playing a gnoll and I had swamp so I learned summon forest, after I was done swamp I read amnesia to get rid of summon forest but I did not get the five spell levels back...

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

Maybe spell levels should be removed. Only half joking.

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

Very minor bug: the game counted 6 branches for my DUZH speedrun. I never entered temple (is there even temple in hellcrawl anymore? think it was removed), so I'm assuming the other two were the bazaar and elf. Elf being a portal vault I'd assume it shouldn't count as a branch, and probably the same with bazaar although that's a bit more murky, since you can leave and return to it, so it probably needs to be considered a branch by the game?

All of this only matters if you want your morgues to look pretty, but hey, add it to the low priority list.

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

I'm not dead but I'm moving for a new job. Probably going to be a few weeks before I can start work on hellcrawl again.
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