new god : insect god

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new god : insect god

he enjoying alteration pure body to insect.
he proud of his work, does not pardon other forms.

piety gain : exploration(piety gain slow than ely/xobeh)
dislike : all kind form(even spider) excommunication.
restriction species : Gr,Vs,Ds,undead,Dg


lose body mutation(horn,anttenae,claw,toenail,hoove,beak,fang,wings,scales,fur)
- except innate form

protect body mutation(horn,anttenae,claw,toenail,hoove,beak,fang,wings,scales,fur)

insect structure(ac/sh+2)

**....(ac/sh+3) ***...(ac/sh+4) ****..(ac/sh+5) *****.(ac/sh+6)


stinger(aux / [weakness], gain deformed body)
- replace draconian tail

stag beetle horn(aux / like constrict, grasp enemy. -20% ev,lose helmet/hat)
- you can't grasp enemy bigger than you.
- enemy size smaller than you, you can throw grasped enemy.(damage)
- replace minotaur horn/formicid anttenae

mosquito bite(aux / [vamp], lose helmet)
- replace tengu beak / yellow draconian saliva

moth anttenae(when hurt, spray powder[blind], lose helmet/hat)
- replace minotaur horn/formicid anttenae

choose one insect parts


no abillity


spider-like legs(lose boots/barding, [clinging])
- never change moving speed, merfolk lose faster swimming

insect wings(lose cloak,[+fly])
- replace black draconian wings, lose indefinitely flying

insect armour(lose armour, ac+10/sh+5,gain 39% GDR)
- replace draconian scale/tough skin

mantis scythe(lose weapon/glove/shield, aux[slice])
- like blade hands. but keep using wand/rod. felid lose paw,troll lose claw.

choose one insect parts


jump(exh,hunger,spider-like legs)
- jump LOS 5 tile, -move 3 turn.

- charge attack LOS 3 tile straight line. x2 damage @..@ / x1.5 damge @.@

poison spines(exh,hunger,insect armour)
- gain +2 spiny. spines gives poison damage.

reaching attck(exh,hunger,+stab,mantis scythe)
- pull enemy(can't pull enemy size bigger than you)



- hunger,spend 30 piety
- transmut insect(large size)
- melds all armour(except shield)
- 30% more hp / str+5 / dex+5 / ac+22 / sh+5 / 24% GDR)
→ insect armour(ac+33 / sh+7 / 39% GDR)
- still working insect structure.
- keep innate form. working claw/horn/anttenae/toenail/hooves/beak/saliva/tail/tentacle/snakebody
- enhance all aux attack,insect abillity.

spider legs
- jump LOS anywhere, damage/confuse surrounding enemys
- removal -move penalty

- charge attack LOS 4 tile straight/curve(non-damage boost)line, flying through all Encumbrance.
- exh recover quickly

insect armour
- gain +3 spiny metamorphosis duration, spines gives strong poison

mantis scythe
- cleaving attack.
- exh recover quickly


no abillity


- lose all insect abillity. keep equip penalty / deformed body.
- lose mantis scythe's extra UC base damage.


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Re: new god : insect god

Seems like this would turn every character into essentially the same thing.

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Re: new god : insect god

Piginabag wrote:Seems like this would turn every character into essentially the same thing.

Yeah it would be kinda cool if this was more random. Maybe have a few "paths" (spider path, beetle path, mantis path, etc) and once you hit ** you start evolving down that path. If you stick with it, you get a big bonus at the end, or you can switch paths to get multiple benefits.

Example: Let's say spider 1 is stealth and spider 2 is webs. Beetle 1 is AC and beetle 2 is boulder beetle rolling (high speed, one direction). You could get S1 and B1, but then you miss out on their later unique abilities.
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