New swamp unique: Shrukk, the green one

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New swamp unique: Shrukk, the green one

Shrukk, the green one.
He is a powerful ogre, with 120HP and emits curare gas. He can be found roaming around the swamp or in his shack (Yiuf style).

Also he is found in the company of a furious flesh eating donkey - Moorphy, that is a buffed version of a death yak. The ogre gas doesnt affect the donkey.
When being near him you get the message "You smell onions". ty incide
When one of them is killed the living one screams "HE WASNT THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED!" and gets mighted, esentially acting like a battlecry.

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Formicid Lyfe

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Re: New swamp unique: Shrukk, the green one

Where's the vorpal rapier-wielding, boots of speed-wearing felid named Antonio?

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