Post Thursday, 18th February 2016, 15:17

Race Proposal: Kafkin

Inspiration: I really like the races that transform at various points in the game- Draconians and Demonspawn are probably my two favorites, and I also appreciate the slight changes Naga get. I wanted to see if I could think of a race that transformed but in a way that didn't step on their toes. The core mechanic is similar to a Monstrous Demonspawn- a being that gets stronger but with conditional maluses.

Concept: A Kafkin is a creature that appears to be human at first. However, that is merely its larval stage- as it grows, it morphs into an insectiod creature with traits varying from subspecies to subspecies.

Mutations and weirdness:
Level 3: 8 eyes. You see much better than you did before: sInv, +1 LOS, +2 acc
Level 6: Feelers. Cannot wear helmets. Can "smell" foe's blood- marks enemies under half health.
Level 9: Exoskeleton. Malformed, +2 AC, 5% GDR
Level 12: Way too many legs. Cannot wear gloves or boots. Stealth apt +3 (you need to learn to make the most of the new change, rather then just straight up stealth boost, immunity to webs.)
Level 15: Mandibles. Gain active: Make a bite attack that has a non-curare needle effect, causes exhaustion. Effect is determined at beginning of the game.
Level 18: Thicker Exoskeleton. +4 AC, 10% GDR, MR+, -1 EV
Level 21: Entomophobia. Enemies at less than a quarter health have a chance to be feared. Shopkeepers charge 10% more.
Level 24: Larger mandibles. Now get an aux bite attack. Exhaust duration of active lowered.
Level 27: Final form. +6 AC, 20% GDR, MR++, -2 EV. Gains wings.

STR: 8
INT: 8
DEX: 8
Gain Random Int/Dex/Str every 3rd level.

Same EXP scaling as Fo, all apts -1, +10% HP
Three wins: Gargoyle Earth Elementalist of Ash, Ogre Fighter of Ru, Deep Dwarf Fighter of Makhleb (0.16 bugbuild :( )