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god of how do you like them apples

PostPosted: Friday, 12th February 2016, 10:29
by Croases
*: Enemies lose all their immunities with respect to their own attacks. Greater mummies lose half HP whenever they torment, hellions and orbs of fire can fry themselves, you can kite Asmodeus through his own Ring of Flames.

**: Poetic Betrayal - smite-targeted invocation that turns all enemy summons in LoS hostile towards their summoner. 1-3 piety, hostility chance starts at ~40% per summon and rises with Invocations.

***: Whenever something attempts to inflict a status effect on you, there is a piety/1000 chance that the same effect will be inflicted to it. This chance is automatically 100% if the attempt actually succeeds.

****: Whenever you are hit by a ranged attack, there is a piety/500 chance that the attacker will have its range reduced to 1 for the next 2d2 turns. During this time, you gain a "Portal Melee" invocation that allows you to smite-target your melee for 0-1 piety.

*****: Whenever something hits you for huge damage, there is a piety/1000 chance that you don't take damage and that thing is "marked for revenge" for 2d(2+invocations/5) turns. If you don't kill that thing within this time period, you take the damage. If you do, the damage is instead spread around all other hostiles in LoS (or erased if there are none).

******: No new abilities.

I wish Ru actually had the *** power instead of the general attack redirection.

Re: god of how do you like them apples

PostPosted: Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 19:41
by TehDruid
Hdylta, the douchebag god!