Slime buff

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Slime buff

Alright, I was just trying a game and deciding whether to wield my slimy trident of speed +8 or my slimy hand crossbow of MR+++ in my slimy gauntlets of resist corrosion when it hit me: there ought to be a slime buff!

You get slimed if:

* sometimes, when you're hit by a hungry ghost. ("He slimed me!")

* or a frog (but not a toad... or is it the other way around?)

* or if you get hit by some kinds of slime. Not sure which - I'm thinking they should either corrode or slime, not both.

* wielding/wearing a slimy artifact

* Or you could have a spell for it. Not sure you'd *want* to have a spell for it...

The effect of sliming is:

* You can't be constricted. The snakes just slip off.

* You slip out of spider webs on the first try, always.

* You have a chance to resist acid, perhaps.

* You are at least doubly affected by anything that pushes you around the board.

* You have a chance to lose your grip on your weapon when you attack with it.

You get deslimed if:

* You go in water or otherwise end up under rain. ("the slime is washed off")

* You are hit by a gale of wind of one sort or other (tornado spell, or the wind drake or whatever it's called). This applies AFTER you've been pushed doubly hard. ("you get blown dry")

* Random per-move chance ("the slime wears off")

* You're hit by a glob of acid ("the acid eats away the layer of slime")

* If you have a slime artifact you don't get deslimed by anything but water, and the moment you come out of the water the slime reapplies.

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Re: Slime buff

You relinquish the +14 Plutonium Sword {*Contam Stlth-} and receive 533 gold pieces in compensation.

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