Timed loot

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Timed loot

I feel that timed portals are a Good Thing, because
a) they encourage deciding if more risky exploration[1] is worth getting there in time[2]
b) they give you that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment when you reach them in time,
c) and again when you manage to empty them[3]

More Good Things would be nice, but simply adding more portals has some drawbacks (like it being lots of work, even worse power spiral)

But how about minified versions?
Simply a timed treasure trove(without entry fee) on every level, with announcement/distance messages similar to portals, containing a single item.

[1] or in extreme cases even a scroll of mapping
[2] and whether it still is after you just turned a corner and ran into a pack of death yaks
[3] or even when you just manage to escape with your life

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Re: Timed loot

Agreed that incentives to play faster (in game time) are overall good for the game, while power spiral is overall bad. If the timed incentives were less rewarding (compared to the current portals), we could have more of the good with less of the bad.

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Re: Timed loot

Agreed this sounds fun.
Currently I can just use a ?mapping for every portal.

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