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Vampiric God (Redraft)

4th draft? I think...

the Sanguine (placeholder name) is the god of Vampirism. Taking the Sanguine sacrifices your natural vitality for a boost to your ability to drain the life force of others and other Necromantic and defensive abilities.

Gaining the Sanguine:
  • the Sanguine is NOT a temple god. His only guaranteed altar is on Crypt: 3. High chance of altars at Crypt entrance, Depths and Pandemonium vaults.
  • Vampire Knight background starts with this god and (choice weak) vampiric weapon {Spear, Dagger, Falchion, Whip, Hand Axe}
  • Only living races can take the Sanguine. (Creation removes Vp and DD). VS, Mu and Gh are ineligible.

Passives: These are given as mutation god gifts over time; permanent once received, but it takes longer to gain all of them than reaching 6* once. Received in random order.
  • Damage Shaving; Slow Healing. (Three Ranks. Shaving gets stronger with each rank; last stops Regen AND Hunger completely.)
  • Vampiric Boost. Three ranks:
    • I: Vampiric weapons work better. (Proc on 100% of hits. Still heal by same amount).
    • II: Vampiric Weapons Ignore rN.
    • III: Vampiric Weapons work on Demons.
  • Hexes Enhancer.
  • Vampire Bat Form. Weak UC; Spriggan Speed, no Casting, no Wands, no Equipment, but you keep your Vampiric Bite.
  • Vampiric Fangs (Base 2/4/6), Ignores AC. Also allows you to get healing by standing over a corpse (small, similar to !curing).
    • Note: Races that already have a bite or peck (Tengu) get this as a one rank straight to the base 6.
  • You become undead.
    • I: rN+ rPois
    • II: rN++ rC+ rPois rTorm rRot rHoly-
    • III: rN+++ rC+ rPois+ rTorm+ rRot rHoly- Dispel Vuln.

  • **.... - Ghostly Fireball - 5-10 piety, 6 MP - Fireball targeted. Deals rN-damage to all living. Summons spectral things within a persistent cloud of Ghostly Flames. Standing in the cloud will heal you, slightly. (Persistence of clouds, initial damage and summoned spectral thing power depends on Invo.)
  • ***... - Taint Weapon - 20-25 piety, 7-11 HP - Your current weapon becomes vampiric. (Unlike other bless weapons, this can be used as much as you like). Also unlike other bless weapons. NO BOOST to enchantments, just brand change.
    • Allows vampiric ranged launchers.
  • *****. - Dark Ritual - 25-30 Piety, 1 XL - You immediately loose one XL and a large amount of skill XP (less at high Invo). You are fully healed. You cannot use this again until you regain the lost level.
  • ****** - Summon Lost Souls - 35-40 piety - You summon 1-4 lost souls. Number and duration depend on invocations ~2d(invo/3). If you would die while any are in LoS, they heal you an Invo-dependent amount in an attempt to prevent the death.

Wrath: You keep your Slow Regen, rHoly-, and Dispel Undead Vuln. without any bonuses for a whole XL.

  • You keep potions and Transmutations (except Necromut, obviously).
    • Spider Form's bite is double-branded (Venom/Vampiric), but checks AC normally.
    • You keep your normal vampiric bite in all other forms.
  • Mutations treat you as undead (rot or degeneration).
  • Intended that the passives are the primary draw with the (mostly defensive) actives helping you assuage the downsides.

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