11-25-15 10:09am my ideas

If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it belongs here. Also, come here if you just need to get hammered.

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11-25-15 10:09am my ideas

Gonna try this again. Usually I get conned into giving my ideas via cell phone to devs who continue to string me along and convince me we`re in an online dating relationship. this has happened three times (not three ideas, three devs, i have hundreds of ideas stolen) so back to posting in CYC it is. I have two ones today and I got it formatted, spell checked, and all punctuation, in case the record needs to be preserved in the crawl design documentation. I hear the guy who wrote that is not native to english like me and don`t want to take any chances with a translation. Finally I want to say from my own perspective as only I can that the most important ideas are my ideas.

1. I would like to see Killer Klowns Klown Around.

2. I think monsters need to wait when you wait. Everyone can use a break so why not like everyone take it together at the same time. You know what too I think this eliminates pillar dancing which I want to keep. Instead rename wait to victory dance and make it so you can only do it around corpses. Monsters then would not wait when you wait since you can`t wait no more nor would they victory dance when you victory dance because that would be really weird.

How good would it be if both of my great ideas made it into the game this time, with real credit due to me?
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Re: 11-25-15 10:09am my ideas

It's funny you should say this: these are exactly the two ideas I have been most excited about, and have been secretly working on for months. I thought of them without your help, so you will not be getting any credit when they are finished.

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Re: 11-25-15 10:09am my ideas

Jilted again twelwe, you poor boy (or is that thing?). Maybe one day you'll get the credit you deserve.
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Re: 11-25-15 10:09am my ideas

Awhhhh, it's amalloy's first twelwe thread. That's adorable :D
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