Rand Scales/Barding

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Rand Scales/Barding

Do randart Scales or Barding exist? I cannot remember the last time I saw one.

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Re: Rand Scales/Barding

Well scales and barding ares rare in the first place. I know unrandarts exist for sure, so probably.
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Re: Rand Scales/Barding

I got a ton of randart naga bardings from oka in my last naga run.
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Re: Rand Scales/Barding

Yes, but as stated, you'll likely never find one on the ground. Good sources of them are okawaru, and acquirement. I generally recommend acquiring armor to any naga without a barding (it's pretty likely you'll find acquirement before a barding). It'll have roughly 50/50 odds of giving you a barding, and if you do get one, you'll get randarts a fair amount of the time.

z - the +2 naga barding of Cuteesoi (melded) {rF++ MR}
(You acquired it on level 21 of the Dungeon)

U - the +3 naga barding of Khipru (worn) {+Blink rElec rC+ MR+ Str-2}
(You found it on level 1 of the Depths)

I - the cursed +8 naga barding of the Known World (worn) {MP+9}
(You acquired it on level 3 of the Depths)

Loved that last one. More AC than a +0 plate (ignoring armor skill) ;) Those are the only randart ones from my 9 naga wins, that were good enough to wear (probably found some bad randarts that got left behind). A couple of rF/rC/fly ego bardings, and some plain ones too. You won't always find something of the quality of these three above, but if you try to acquire armor, your odds will go way up. A sample size of 9 is bad for statistics, but that's an 11% chance to find one and total of 33% with randarts who tried acquiring them. Be willing to try 2-3 times with scrolls imho, although of course it'll depend on how many scrolls you find and what else you need...

Edit: to include my 4 centaur wins, two had randarts, one acquired it, the other got it from okawaru. A third did have the unrand black knight barding, and the fourth was an ego rF barding. Acquirement/Okawaru are going to be your most reliable sources, but you may get lucky on the floor about 10% of the time.

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