Seeking watcher

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Seeking watcher

There was one anon spectating almost my entire game this evening. If you are that one, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please PM me.

Of course, how could I know if a PM is really from the one who was watching? I suppose I can't, really.

Might as well post an "Open Season" sign.


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Re: Seeking watcher

came here thinking you had just discovered you were the Slayer, am disappoint :'(
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Re: Seeking watcher

All cool tavern posters play on cszo. You should try playing there if you want protips, imo.

e: Here's a protip to whet your appetite: Try expanding your search to the missed connections section of craigslist.
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Re: Seeking watcher

mps wrote:cool tavern posters


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Re: Seeking watcher

Play comborobin for a good chance of spectators. Added benefit is that you get to be anonymous yourself!
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