Fun combos to try

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Fun combos to try

So I've been playing this game on and off for many years, but generally have stuck pretty strictly to DEFE, and various Minotaurs, Trolls and Gargoyles of Trog / Okawaru. I dabbled a little in Deep Dwarfs of Makhleb but didn't get too far (probably just through lack of trying)

I currently have an OpTm of Chei challenge game on the go, currently on Lair:4 but am under no illusions that I won't splat him very soon.

Anyone else have any other interesting play combinations? I've tried a few different ones but wasn't really feeling them. Perhaps its just because I don't understand the play style? If anyone fancies suggesting a fun combo to play with a rough one liner about the play style it would be much appreciated! (e.g human hunter, throw things at stuff in medium armor and use some support spells)
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Re: Fun combos to try

"Fun combo" is subjective, but I've had some really exciting games lately so maybe you'll like these:

1) shady Elementalist - a lot of interesting survival Dith buffs combined with spells. You can pull some ridiculous damaging element+shadow bolts, get free fog when hurt and the umbra makes the caster deceptively hard to hit. Shadow form is difficult to use well, but can save like nothing else.
2) Danceknight - heavy armour and weapon, with full focus on damage and a reckless style. Uskayaw is second only to Qazlal imo in terms of high risk->high reward fights. The passives will keep you alive much longer than is feasible, and the confusion and Grand finale are fantastic. You can 1-hit anything at 6*. Evokable berserk combines well with this build.
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Re: Fun combos to try

Try a VSEn^WuJian
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Re: Fun combos to try

My favorite combo : NaWz with a magic god. Hint :
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spam Spit Poison early and then CF and Meph cloud carry you until end of Lair
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