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Tekitas-Takitais, god of clockwork

PostPosted: Sunday, 14th June 2015, 02:06
by coledot
Had some ideas about a clockwork-themed god: Tekitas-Takitais, god of clockwork, crafts, logic, and design. It's not a deity in the familiar sense, but a cosmic machine designed by a transient god. Its main purpose is to enforce the regular flow of time.

- killing users of haste/slow, as they interfere with time flow
- killing users of chaos, as chaos is illogical and unpredictable
- using haste/slow/chaos [penance]
- *uncontrolled* teleport/blink (bending spacetime is OK, doing so unpredictably is not) [first warning, then penance]

Some possible powers:
- Probability Condensation - TekTak tempers spacetime to make tele more predictable - temporarily grants +CTele (this might be too powerful)
- Crafting - now, I know what you're thinking: "omfg Crawl does NOT need a Zin-damned crafting system!". I propose something more along the lines of: invoke an ability where TekTak asks "give me X potions of foo, Y scrolls of bar, and I will gift you a wand of baz", where foo/bar/baz are randomly determined. Or, "give X potions of foo, Y potions of bar, and a +2 piece of any equipment, and gift an artifact version of that equipment". Think of it as a means of creating (maybe) more powerful items/equips at the cost of some consumables you might have needed otherwise.
- Passives: immunity to slow/haste, increased duration of buffs, rCorr, others?

I feel the lack of haste/slow/chaos should be sufficient as a negative tradeoff & isn't *too* similar to Chei. The uncontrolled tele/blink might be a bit much though. I'm also not too tied to the name. "TekTak" might be too cutesy a name for a clockwork god.


Re: Tekitas-Takitais, god of clockwork

PostPosted: Sunday, 14th June 2015, 02:24
by Pollen_Golem
Thought: Tekitas makes everything take exactly 10 auts, rendering movement speed, Min Delay, breadswinging, kiting, and so on, moot.

Re: Tekitas-Takitais, god of clockwork

PostPosted: Sunday, 14th June 2015, 11:49
by Lasty
This idea isn't sufficiently fleshed out for GDD and contains ideas that aren't going to happen (crafting), so I moved it to CYC. coledot, please read the "you must read this" post at the top of GDD.

Re: Tekitas-Takitais, god of clockwork

PostPosted: Monday, 15th June 2015, 18:35
by dowan
This 'crafting' idea is almost identical to the 'artifactizing' that that weird half developed forge god could do. So OP, just don't call it crafting and it'll be fine. Of course, the rest of your proposal could use some work, as it's currently very similar to chei (and Ctele was just removed)