Common crawl problems

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Re: Common crawl problems

I think "killholing" can be fixed by disabling wands of digging/disintegration when character is in a corridor (only 1-2 out of surrounding tiles are non-walls), the wands are magic and are claustraphobic or something. Formicid can be an exception, it will be the only species who can create kill holes.
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Re: Common crawl problems

Orc is No.1 place for staircase abuse, and making orcs swamp the player even more will aggravate that. If you're going to special-case Orc, how about letting monsters follow you up/down stairs, but more than the 8 monsters around you? For example, all monsters in LOS can follow you up/down stairs. You might still stairdance, but in a novel, less safe way.

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