FooTV is not working

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Post Tuesday, 6th January 2015, 05:47

FooTV is not working

I've been trying to watch some of the game play clips posted on the learndb (e.g. !lm perunasaurus rune=slimy 42 -tv:<T46800:>T47899:x4 from Ru unreasons), and FooTV always gives me

(b) FooTV (v:4): Tedronai, L27 OpBe, Trog, r:adsfasfa

as option (b). I wasn't sure where else to post it, since it isn't a bug with the game itself, but it would be nice for this to be visible to more devs.

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Re: FooTV is not working

This isn't a bug. adsfasfa requested an entire game on FooTV so it has been playing (and will continue to play) for hours and hours until it finishes. New TV requests don't start until the currently playing one finishes.
You can cancel the currently playing TV, and clear the playlist, with "!lg * -tv:nuke".

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Re: FooTV is not working

yeah, I'm failing to see you shredding TRJ with your Blade Hands troll of chei, ManMan.
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Re: FooTV is not working

Why would anyone want to watch that shitty OpBe?
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Re: FooTV is not working

You can play something on a different channel without cancelling the current TV:
!lm perunasaurus rune=slimy 42 -tv:<T46800:>T47899:x4:channel=RuTV

It will be assigned a different letter (starting with c) at the front screen. The channel will go away after something like 90 seconds without a TV being played.

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