Ru questions

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Ru questions

Cereal questions.

Why did Ru oppose creation? It only says "not as folly, but as a distraction". A distraction? Maybe it's my -5 English aptitude, but this doesn't make much sense to me.

Don't all "evil" gods also oppose creation by seeking to corrupt/destroy it?

What is the terrible "truth" that is revealed to his followers / to enemies when you use Apocalypse?

Edit: My personal guess would have to be an earful of Nickelback

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Re: Ru questions

Insular Community wrote:What is the terrible "truth" that is revealed to his followers / to enemies when you use Apocalypse?

the moon landing was staged, man

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Re: Ru questions

Spoiler: show
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Re: Ru questions

Insular Community wrote:Why did Ru oppose creation? It only says "not as folly, but as a distraction". A distraction? Maybe it's my -5 English aptitude, but this doesn't make much sense to me.

Ru didn't want creation to be, uh, created because it would harm the divine or anything, he just thought there was more important shit to be dealing with. Roughly, Ru is the asshole who scowls when you talk about video games or cars or something because you could be out there giving soup to the poor or building schools in Africa and it's hard to argue against him because he's right, but he's still a prick about the whole thing.

Insular Community wrote:Don't all "evil" gods also oppose creation by seeking to corrupt/destroy it?

Of the five evil Gods, (Beogh, Kiku, Lugonu, Makhleb, and Yred) only two of them (Lugonu and Makhleb) actually wish some measure of destruction on the world; Beogh, Kiku, and Yred all just champion the primacy of something (orcs, death, and the undead) that the good Gods hate. As to the Gods who want to destroy reality, Lugonu was banished to the Abyss by the other Gods (or at least dpeg says this if you ask him) and probably wishes destruction out of some measure of spite. I'd chalk Makhleb's support of creation to either being "wanting there to be something for him to destroy" or spite that his favoured, the demons, got made out to be the villains.

Also, I'm a big stupid retard for writing this many words about fictional Gods with basically no textual support.
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Re: Ru questions

It's even simplier than that. Ru is the only god who realizes that his own worshipper is in fact the source of all evil in the dungeon, and possible the world as a whole. For some backstory to get up to speed, read this old analysis done by who knows who, long ago (in the murky depths of a basement far, far away, etc etc):

Although the good gods in Crawl are portrayed as adhering invariably to moral absolutes, to the extent that even the unwitting use by the player's character of items tagged 'evil' is cause for divine punishment, there is a certain degree of ambiguity in the notion of evil in Stone Soup. Consider that the ordinary practice of an adventurer is to kill and in many cases eat an entire dungeon full of living beings, many of them sapient. In other words, a player can expect, even in low-rune runs, to perform actions constitutive of genocide. Devotion to one of the good gods hardly alters this. It would not be unusual for a favored worshipper of The Shining One, for example, an ostensibly “good” god who frowns on indiscriminate slaughter, to nevertheless kill all, and eat many, of the elves, orcs and nagas in the entire dungeon.
It is unclear what if anything the various societies of dungeon denizens, who, judging by the absence of intra-monster violence within the dungeon, are wholly peaceful, have done to deserve this horrific retribution. On the face of it, the adventurer is simply seeking the Orb. Since “evil”-aligned adventurers act in essentially the same way that “good” ones do in pursuit of this goal, it is unlikely that the finding of this orb is a sufficiently good act in itself to justify the avalanche of butchery.
In the final analysis, it seems that Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup is the story of a peaceful, multi-cultural and multi-species society falling victim to a single adventurer's avarice and quest for glory. By the time the worshiper of Zin has waded through the rivers of blood he must spill in order to claim the Orb, it is more than a little difficult to distinguish him from a devotee of Makhleb.
Against the background of the game's overarching narrative, namely murder, cannibalism, genocide and theft on an industrial scale introduced to utopia, the Necromantic spell “Regeneration”, a spell anathematised as “evil” by the “good” gods, hardly compares.

Since it is YOU who is evil, committing genocide and seeking an orb to give you the ultimate power to go on committing more crimes against hu|orc|yak|foo|-manity, Ru is trying to remove you from existence in order to perfect the peaceful world that existed before your arrival. Crippling you with mutations, removing your hand, attempting to trick you into removing yourself from the universe. Unfortunately, as the gods cannot intervene directly, Ru cannot kill you outright, and has to offer later powers in order to entice people to fall into the trap.

The ungodly reveal which causes Cataclysm? Ru offers all monsters near you a vision of the future which may happen once you obtain the orb. The misery and despotism of their once peaceful world drives them instantly to madness. It is not certain that this future will come to be, for one can always divert the flow of time, but it is the course on which the vessel of history is currently sailing towards.

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