Post Friday, 16th May 2014, 08:29

Sustain Abilities

Why did sustain abilities need to be nerfed in trunk? ... 1da90da469

I just spent a significant amount of time with my Octopode getting 2x sustain abilities and the Staff of Wucad Mu working together... what's wrong with leaving 2x as an option to those who want it? Also, being in Lich form means that I get stat drained often (unless I am also forced to wear rMut instead of Clarity) against several extended threats and things like Wretched Stars.

I also used to use 2x sustain abilities when I could with my Deep Dwarves in extended because potions of restore abilities are rare.

If this change is permanent then couldn't 1x Sustain Abilities function the same as 2x? :|