Confusing Touch

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Confusing Touch

The knowledge bot says that confusing touch doesn't work on undead, but having just used it in an ossuary, I can confirm that it in fact does. Is there a place for knowledge bot corrections?

Edit: actually it just says non-living which I guess is not the same as undead.

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Re: Confusing Touch

Yeah non-living is stuff like statues and golems and orbs of fire. Undead is skeletons and zombies and so on. I guess non-living could use its own knowledge bot entry.

In any case, you can correct learndb on ##crawl (IRC).

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Re: Confusing Touch

Confusing touch should absolutely not be useable on halflings. Or if it is, a Cop should be generated on the same Dungeon Level, with a 1 in 100 chance of being Chris Hansen instead.

New unique: Chris Hansen
On entering LOS, he commands the player to "Have a seat right over there." Player loses. Only summoned if using the ability "Confusing Touch"

Cop: His job is to catch you, Halfling-touching pervert! A star appears at the top of the screen, and the cop will actively try to pursue and kill you. Killing him gets you a second star, and more cops are generated. At four stars, a Helicopter enters the dungeon, directing all cops to you and giving you a spotlight halo.
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Re: Confusing Touch

A lot of good jokes lately.

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