Gnolls / Yokkaso

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Gnolls / Yokkaso

yokkasomb wrote:
mattlistener wrote:I support the proposal. It's hard to get behind the name though. "Durable, innate magic user, weapon disliker" makes me think: Dryad.

I understand that the developers want to move the game away from "western" or LOTR references, Yokkaso are basically dryads from another culture.

Why were Gnolls released as Gnolls rather than Bultungin?
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Re: Gnolls / Yokkaso

because "Bultungin" sounds really stupid

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Re: Gnolls / Yokkaso

Tbh yokkaso sounds stupid too, call them dryads since that's what they are. And at the same time rename Tzitzimimeh shadow fiends
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Re: Gnolls / Yokkaso

I didn't know about the Tzitzimeh rename and I was really confused when I saw them because I thought it was a different monster. The "x fiend" naming scheme is pretty useful. When I was new to doing extended, looking for "fiend" in the name really helped me learn the extended monsters. It's easy to forget this but as a new player you have to learn a ton of new monsters.

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