I don't love it when...

If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it belongs here. Also, come here if you just need to get hammered.

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Re: I don't love it when...

... When half of the pantheon decides to live in a breakaway shrine on D:9, rather than joining the Temple.

(There are no more altars under me - I was just going for symmetry there.)

Granted it's not much worse than those big triangular vaults where you get 2 or 3 at a time in little rooms spread out. It fits the narrative, though!

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Re: I don't love it when...

 Welcome, mopl the Demonspawn Fighter.
 Will you be the one to retrieve the fabulous Orb of Zot from the depths?
 Press ? for a list of commands and other information.
 Found a runed helmet, a pair of boots, a spear and 13 gold pieces.
_Found a staircase leading out of the dungeon.
 You see here a runed helmet.
_e - a runed helmet
_There is a staircase leading out of the dungeon here.
 You see here a pair of boots.
_g - a pair of boots
 There is a staircase leading out of the dungeon here.
 You start putting on your armour.
_You continue putting on your runed helmet. x4
 You finish putting on your +2 helmet of see invisible.
 You feel perceptive.
Oh nice start... :D
 You have reached level 4!
 You feel stronger. Your demonic ancestry asserts itself...
 A pair of antennae grows on your head!
Of course...
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Re: I don't love it when...

Oh crap, it's Grinder, I need to head downstairs now.

Oh look, it's Ijyb. Well, let me just Conjure Flame and I can get away down this hallway...

Never mind, it's a wand of acid. Dead in 2 turns with no chance to escape. It's D:4 so no helpful potions, scrolls or anything I could panic with.

Definitely one of my few unwinnable situations.
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