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About 5 years later, I finished that solo black belt FF1 run

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So after some years, someone on the internet made a comment about how black belts were bad in FF1, and so I had to start up another run. I did two runs in one, where I first beat the whole game with just a solo black belt, and then I healed my black mage and leveled him up to learn the fast spell, and then went back and killed chaos a second time, killing him in a single attack by a fasted black belt (technically a master, as I did evolve/prestige/whatever my characters).

Here's the final hit; Chaos has 2000 hp:


In the original discussion, edge figaro said this:

A black belt can only 1shot the final boss with fast, and a fasted lvl 50 black belt generally will generally do significantly less damage to the tune of 500-1000 as opposed to the requisite 2000.

The first part is true; you do need fast. But the second part is wrong; in my three attempts at one shotting chaos, I did the 2100 damage pictured, and then the other two tries were in the 2400's. Seems like it's quite likely that you'll hit >2000 damage nearly all the time.

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