Mod request - Restart after death

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Temple Termagant

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Mod request - Restart after death

Hello, I am here to throw a request out into the ether:

Can someone mod the game such that if my character dies, I respawn "naked" (no items or equipment, BUT keeping all experience, skills, and learned spells) back at the beginning of either a new dungeon, or the same dungeon I was in before?
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Re: Mod request - Restart after death

just play the same seed again
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Zot Zealot

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Re: Mod request - Restart after death

Oops I think I misunderstood the OP.

If you download bcrawl you can start in 'Adventure mode' which means starting with 2 Felid-style lives.
It's closeish to what you're asking for.

TBH I think I'd find slugging through Zot with terrible equipment an unpleasant experience (after a 'naked' restart).

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