Trove reporting

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Temple Termagant

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Re: Trove reporting

Trove: U:2 (give +3 shadow dragon scales)

... I guess add 9 scrolls of identify to the cost. I guess I can 'upgrade' my amulet of regeneration but already have SInv and not using magic...
a - (") an amulet of the acrobat
b - (") an amulet of regeneration
c - (=) a ring of intelligence
d - (=) a ring of positive energy
e - (") an amulet of the acrobat
f - (") an amulet of the acrobat
g - (=) the ring "Havoef" {*Contam +Blink rC+ Str+3}
h - (=) a +4 ring of evasion
i - (") the amulet of Kioddiod {Acrobat Dex+7}
j - (") the amulet "Qerobb" {Regen+ Int+2 SInv}
k - (=) the ring "Var Atz" {Wiz MP+9}
l - (") the amulet "Vexokk" {RegenMP rElec rPois Int-3 SInv}
m - (=) the ring of Upamebim {rElec rPois rC+ Slay+2}
n - (=) the ring "Zojyahat" {Will+ Str+6}
o - (=) the ring "Syxaoceudo" {Fire rPois}
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Re: Trove reporting

Fee: 6 scrolls of blinking. I can afford this now that I only have Zot left to do (and have the Blink spell).
(This is Bloatcrawl and the character is a Kitsuno Paladin of the Shining One).

1803 gold pieces
a wand of paralysis (8)
a staff of summoning
19 sling bullets
23 stones
a crystal ball of energy
36 arrows
a ration
a scroll of teleportation
the +2 chain mail "Hioph" {rF+ Stlth+}
an uncursed ring of see invisible

Gold is good, I'll also take the para wand, bullets, arrows (for StS), ration and tele scroll.
DCSS: 82: ...{GrFiFoGl}DgEnFeNe{OpGlHuSu}DDArHaCKSpAEGrTmDgFEDsCjGhMo
Bloat: 7: RaRoPrPh{GuStGnCa}{ArEtZoNb}{KiPa

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