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Lair Larrikin

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[YAVP] 15-runer MiFi of Oka->TSO

Hey guys. Just made my 4th win and first 15-runer with an incredibly lucky MiFi.
I concentrated on LongBlades in the beginning, worshipped Oka until Crypt and switched to TSO.
I had very heavy armour and was nearly invincible. Only hellfire and torment were able to damage me.

The only dangerous place left were Tomb and Dis:7, were I have been very close to death.
For the fear of Mummy-levels i did not dare to clear a Ziggurat, because I did not want to mess this victory.


107076 | Tomb:1   | Paralysed by a sphinx for 7 turns
107082 | Tomb:1   | HP: 12/270 [sphinx (2)]
149751 | Dis:7    | HP: 6/260 [Brimstone Fiend/blast of hellfire (52)]
150175 | Dis:7    | The Shining One protects you from harm!

But see yourself.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.11.2 (tiles) character file.

9741466 Felixacon the Swordmaster (level 27, 234/234 (249) HPs)
             Began as a Minotaur Fighter on Mar 22, 2013.
             Was the Champion of the Shining One.
             Escaped with the Orb
             ... and 15 runes on Mar 27, 2013!
             The game lasted 13:17:57 (174791 turns).

Felixacon the Swordmaster (Minotaur Fighter)      Turns: 174791, Time: 13:17:57

HP 234/234 (249) AC 40     Str 29      XL: 27
MP  42/42        EV 33     Int  7      God: the Shining One [******]
Gold 13508       SH 44     Dex 23      Spells:  3 memorised, 47 levels left

Res.Fire  : + + +   See Invis. : +   f - +8,+9 Blessed Blade
Res.Cold  : + + +   Warding    : .   k - +8 plate armour of Olerph {rPois rC++ MR}
Life Prot.: + + +   Conserve   : .   u - +3 shield "Quamm" {+Inv MR SInv}
Res.Poison: +       Res.Corr.  : .   R - +0 wizard hat "Suosol" {Str+2 Dex+2}
Res.Elec. : .       Clarity    : .   N - +0 cloak of the Republic {Str+2 Dex+4}
Sust.Abil.: . .     Spirit.Shd : .   l - +2 pair of gloves "Ciushuin" {rPois rF++ A
Res.Mut.  : +       Stasis     : .   x - +2 pair of boots {run} {god gift}
Res.Rott. : .       Ctrl.Telep.: x   P - amulet of resist mutation
Saprovore : . . .   Levitation : .   M - ring "Cloeddi" {cTele +Rage rF++ MR}
                    Ctrl.Flight: .   E - ring "Zucseni" {Hunger- rC+ rN+ Stlth+}

@: quick, uncannily resistant to hostile enchantments, extremely unstealthy
A: retaliatory headbutt, horns 2, -10% hp
a: Divine Shield, Cleansing Flame, Summon Divine Warrior, Renounce Religion,
Evoke Berserk Rage, Evoke Invisibility
}: 15/15 runes: serpentine, barnacled, slimy, silver, golden, iron, obsidian,
icy, bone, abyssal, demonic, glowing, magical, fiery, dark

You escaped.
You worshipped the Shining One.
the Shining One was exalted by your worship.
You were not hungry.

You visited 17 branches of the dungeon, and saw 109 of its levels.
You visited Pandemonium 4 times, and saw 42 of its levels.
You visited the Abyss 3 times.
You visited 1 bazaar.
You also visited: Labyrinth and Sewer.

You collected 16440 gold pieces.
You spent 2952 gold pieces at shops.


Hand weapons
 f - a +8,+9 Blessed Blade (weapon)
 T - a +9,+6 double sword of slicing {god gift}
 k - the +8 plate armour of Olerph (worn) {rPois rC++ MR}
   (You found it in a labyrinth)   
   It greatly protects you from cold.
   It protects you from poison.
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
 l - the +2 pair of gloves "Ciushuin" (worn) {rPois rF++ Acc+2}
   (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)   
   It affects your accuracy (+2).
   It greatly protects you from fire.
   It protects you from poison.
 u - the +3 shield "Quamm" (worn) {+Inv MR SInv}
   (You acquired it on level 4 of the Orcish Mines)   
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
   It enhances your eyesight.
   It lets you turn invisible.
 x - a +2 pair of boots of running (worn) {god gift}
 N - the +0 cloak of the Republic (worn) {Str+2 Dex+4}
   (You acquired it on level 2 of the Elven Halls)   
   It affects your strength (+2).
   It affects your dexterity (+4).
 R - the +0 wizard hat "Suosol" (worn) {Str+2 Dex+2}
   (You found it on level 23 of the Dungeon)   
   It affects your strength (+2).
   It affects your dexterity (+2).
 Y - the cursed +10 plate armour of Idwellus {Acc+5 Dam+4}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Elven Halls)   
   It affects your accuracy (+5).
   It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+4).
   It has a curse placed upon it.
Magical devices
 c - a wand of teleportation (9)
 z - a wand of disintegration (22)
 Z - a wand of digging (18)
 d - 6 bread rations
 m - 2 meat rations
 S - 4 royal jellies
 n - 3 scrolls of teleportation
 p - a scroll of fear
 r - 5 scrolls of identify
 s - a scroll of recharging
 y - a scroll of fog
 A - 2 scrolls of magic mapping
 H - a scroll of silence
 K - 6 scrolls of remove curse
 W - a scroll of blinking
 a - the ring "Poydozou" {+/*TELE Str+1}
   (You acquired it in Pandemonium)   
   [ring of teleportation]
   It affects your strength (+1).
 b - a cursed amulet of clarity
 e - an uncursed ring of sustain abilities
 g - a +1 ring of evasion
 i - the cursed ring "Kleset" {rElec rF+}
   (You took it off a deep elf summoner on level 3 of the Elven Halls)   
   [ring of protection from fire]
   It insulates you from electricity.
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 j - the cursed ring "Pselef" {rC+ rN+}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Elven Halls)   
   [ring of protection from cold]
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 o - the cursed ring "Egurchiw" {+Lev Str+3 Dex+4}
   (You found it on level 7 of Cocytus)   
   [ring of levitation]
   It affects your strength (+3).
   It affects your dexterity (+4).
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 v - the cursed ring "Mnour" {rF+ rN+ MR Int+2 Stlth--}
   (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)   
   [ring of intelligence]
   It affects your intelligence (+2).
   It protects you from fire.
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
   It makes you much less stealthy.
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 w - the cursed ring "Grenost" {Fire MR SInv}
   (You found it on level 7 of the Iron City of Dis)   
   [ring of fire]
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
   It enhances your eyesight.
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 B - an uncursed amulet of guardian spirit
 D - a cursed ring of sustain abilities
 E - the ring "Zucseni" (left hand) {Hunger- rC+ rN+ Stlth+}
   (You took it off a deep elf high priest on level 3 of the Elven Halls)   
   [ring of sustenance]
   It protects you from cold.
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It makes you more stealthy.
 F - a cursed ring of sustain abilities
 G - an uncursed amulet of conservation
 J - the brooch of Shielding {Ward AC+4 EV+4}
   (You took it off a yaktaur captain on level 8 of the Vaults)   
   [amulet of warding]
   It affects your AC (+4).
   It affects your evasion (+4).
 L - the ring of Graopn {rElec rC+}
   (You found it in Pandemonium)   
   [ring of protection from cold]
   It insulates you from electricity.
 M - the ring "Cloeddi" (right hand) {cTele +Rage rF++ MR}
   (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)   
   [ring of teleport control]
   It greatly protects you from fire.
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
   It lets you go berserk.
 O - a cursed amulet of stasis
 P - an amulet of resist mutation (around neck)
 U - the cursed ring "Kilebbul" {+Lev Dex+1 Dam+3}
   (You found it on level 6 of the Pits of Slime)   
   [ring of levitation]
   It affects your dexterity (+1).
   It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+3).
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 X - the ring "Visk" {rC+ Dex+3 Acc+4 Dam+5 Stlth+}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Elven Halls)   
   [ring of dexterity]
   It affects your dexterity (+3).
   It affects your accuracy (+4).
   It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+5).
   It protects you from cold.
   It makes you more stealthy.
 h - 6 potions of curing
 q - 2 potions of might
 t - 5 potions of speed
 C - 4 potions of restore abilities
 Q - a potion of heal wounds
Orbs of Power
 I - the Orb of Zot

 O Level 27 Fighting
 O Level 27 Long Blades
 O Level 27 Armour
 O Level 27 Dodging
 O Level 27 Shields
 - Level 10,0 Traps & Doors
 + Level 23,3 Unarmed Combat
 - Level 15,9 Spellcasting
 - Level 7,7 Charms
 - Level 23,4 Summonings
 - Level 8,6 Air Magic
 - Level 15,7 Invocations
 - Level 18,1 Evocations

You had 47 spell levels left.
You knew the following spells:

 Your Spells              Type           Power        Failure   Level  Hunger
a - Summon Butterflies    Summ           ######...    0%          1    None
b - Summon Hydra          Summ           ######....   3%          7    #######
c - Swiftness             Chrm/Air       ####......   1%          2    None

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (27/27)            Temple (1/1) D:6             Orc (4/4) D:7
    Elf (3/3) Orc:4          Lair (8/8) D:12         Shoals (5/5) Lair:5
  Snake (5/5) Lair:6        Slime (6/6) Lair:7       Vaults (8/8) D:19
  Blade (0/1) Vaults:4      Crypt (5/5) Vaults:3       Tomb (3/3) Crypt:3
    Dis (7/7) Hell            Geh (7/7) Hell            Coc (7/7) Hell
    Tar (7/7) Hell            Zot (5/5) D:27       

Nemelex Xobeh
Sif Muna
the Shining One

D:7: !  D:13: [  D:15: !  D:16: %  D:27: %*+  Orc:4: *%*(  Elf:1: ?  Elf:3: ?  Snake:3: (!(

Hell: D:21 D:22 D:23 D:24 D:25 D:26 D:27
Abyss: D:23 D:25 Vaults:3
Pandemonium: D:24 D:26
Ziggurat: D:10 (5780 gp)
Trove: D:18 (give 19 scrolls of identify)

D:4 Felixacon's ghost, experienced MiFi
D:16 Sonja
D:20 Boris
Shoals:3 exclusion: oklob plant
Vaults:1 exclusion: silver statue
Vaults:6 exclusion: orange crystal statue

Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You reflexively headbutt those who attack you in melee.
You have a pair of horns on your head.
You are frail (-10% HP).

Message History

You sense a powerful magical force warping space.
There is a stone staircase leading down here.
You see here 2 potions of poison.
Move the cursor to view the level map, or type ? for a list of commands.
Returning to the game...
There is a stone staircase leading up here.
You climb upwards.
You sense a powerful magical force warping space.
There is a stone staircase leading down here.
Move the cursor to view the level map, or type ? for a list of commands.
Returning to the game...
There is a stone staircase leading up here.
You climb upwards.
You sense a powerful magical force warping space.
There is a stone staircase leading down here.
Move the cursor to view the level map, or type ? for a list of commands.
Returning to the game...
There is a staircase leading out of the dungeon here.
Are you sure you want to win?
You have escaped!

################.#.###### #.......
               #.#.#      #.......
##########     #.#.#      #.......
.........#     #.#.#      ###.####
####.....#     #.#.#        #.#
   #.....#     #.#.#        #.#  #
####.....#######.#.######   #.#  #
........................#####.#  #
   #.#..#......(...(......# #.#  #
   #.#.##...(.........(..(###.#  #
####.#.#.........˜.........##.#  #
.......#...(...........(...##.#  #
.....#........˜.....˜.....<##.#  #
.....#.#...(...........(...##.#  #
.....#.#.........˜.........##.#  #
.....#.##...(....(....(...###.#  #
.....#..#..)...(...(......# #.#  #

There were no monsters in sight!

Vanquished Creatures
  Antaeus (Coc:7)
  Asmodeus (Geh:7)
  Cerebov (Pan)
  Gloorx Vloq (Pan)
  Ignacio (Pan)
  Mnoleg (Pan)
  the royal jelly (Slime:6)
  4 ancient liches
  Ereshkigal (Tar:7)
  Lom Lobon (Pan)
  Khufu (Crypt:4)
  5 orbs of fire
  the Serpent of Hell (Tar:7)
  14 greater mummies
  Saint Roka (D:18)
  A curse toe (Zot:2)
  Norris (Elf:2)
  Mara (D:19)
  4 Killer Klowns (Zot:5)
  Margery (Tomb:1)
  Mennas (Vaults:6)
  Geryon (Hell)
  32 pandemonium lords
  6 golden dragons
  An illusory Mara (D:19)
  Frederick (D:24)
  5 electric golems
  32 Brimstone Fiends
  30 Hell Sentinels
  Nikola (Snake:4)
  10 liches
  20 tentacled monstrosities
  The ghost of Felixacon the Minotaur Blade, a mighty MiFi of Okawaru (Vaults:2)
  6 titans
  2 deep elf blademasters (Elf:3)
  5 eldritch tentacles
  21 Orb Guardians (Zot:5)
  25 acid blobs
  18 shadow dragons
  A quicksilver dragon (Pan)
  Kirke (D:14)
  20 storm dragons
  12 sphinxes
  33 Ice Fiends
  Rupert (D:16)
  Agnes (D:16)
  42 Shadow Fiends
  Frances (Snake:5)
  A draconian knight (Zot:4)
  A draconian monk (Zot:4)
  Aizul (Snake:2)
  Ilsuiw (Shoals:5)
  35 Executioners
  15 frost giants
  5 ghost moths
  6 ghouls
  29 balrugs
  An orc warlord (D:25)
  The ghost of Felixacon the Executioner, a powerful MiFi of Okawaru (D:16)
  5 draconian scorchers
  Wiglaf (Snake:2)
  9 bone dragons
  56 stone giants
  Louise (Elf:2)
  11 iron dragons
  A draconian zealot (D:27)
  Gastronok (D:11)
  5 kraken zombies
  9 azure jellies
  the Enchantress (D:24)
  4 draconian shifters
  33 cacodemons
  13 fire giants
  2 quicksilver dragon skeletons
  3 draconian annihilators
  A curse skull (Crypt:4)
  A draconian caller (Zot:2)
  6 grey draconians
  An ophan (Abyss)
  4 green draconians
  2 yellow draconians (Zot:3)
  4 purple draconians
  10 deep elf sorcerers (Elf:3)
  6 pale draconians
  3 mottled draconians
  9 deep elf annihilators (Elf:3)
  4 black draconians
  6 greater nagas (Snake:5)
  27 green deaths
  Azrael (Vaults:2)
  3 deep elf master archers (Elf:3)
  A dire elephant (Abyss)
  3 red draconians
  5 deep elf death magi
  18 blizzard demons
  70 reapers
  6 spriggan defenders (D:24)
  A titan zombie (Geh:7)
  Snorg (D:15)
  19 mummy priests
  8 spriggan air magi (D:24)
  2 titan skeletons
  29 vault guards
  3 storm dragon zombies
  3 minotaurs
  38 yaktaur captains
  18 dragons
  7 great orbs of eyes
  8 ettins
  3 sirens
  4 merfolk aquamancers
  12 ice dragons
  Fannar (Elf:2)
  A merfolk javelineer (Shoals:4)
  10 hydras
  12 death oozes
  The ghost of Felixacon the Carver, a powerful MiFi of Okawaru (D:10)
  15 ravenous item mimics
  7 death cobs
  Josephine (D:10)
  An anaconda zombie (Geh:7)
  20 lorocyprocas
  A golden dragon skeleton (Crypt:1)
  A hydra (shapeshifter) (Vaults:8)
  3 ravenous feature mimics
  2 anacondas
  5 shadow dragon zombies
  An alligator snapping turtle (Shoals:4)
  2 alligators (shapeshifter)
  An anaconda skeleton (Crypt:5)
  18 spriggan druids (D:24)
  8 spriggan berserkers (D:24)
  2 sphinx zombies
  6 deep elf demonologists
  24 death yaks
  12 hell hogs
  8 ogre magi
  2 rakshasas (Vaults:6)
  36 centaur warriors
  17 iron dragon zombies
  2 wolf spider zombies
  7 stone giant zombies
  4 deep elf high priests (Elf:3)
  4 merfolk impalers (Shoals:5)
  10 shadow dragon skeletons
  4 frost giant zombies
  4 sphinx skeletons
  4 very ugly things
  7 iron dragon skeletons
  16 deep trolls
  3 catoblepae (Lair:8)
  3 fire giant skeletons
  62 soul eaters
  19 shadow wraiths
  3 iron golems
  71 sun demons
  8 iron trolls
  2 frost giant skeletons
  3 stone giant skeletons
  3 giant orange brains (Abyss)
  216 skeletal warriors
  7 sea snakes
  A death drake (Zot:2)
  27 hell knights
  4 wizards (Pan)
  2 dire elephant skeletons (Pan)
  23 deep elf knights
  A titan simulacrum (Abyss)
  57 ice devils
  An elephant slug zombie (Abyss)
  Erolcha (D:9)
  2 black draconian zombies
  2 sea snakes (shapeshifter)
  9 unseen horrors
  4 mottled draconian zombies
  20 naga warriors
  2 alligator snapping turtle skeletons
  2 grey draconian zombies
  A purple draconian zombie (Tar:2)
  2 sea snake zombies
  40 orc knights
  A redback zombie (Dis:7)
  3 iron troll zombies
  85 large abominations
  An emperor scorpion zombie (Crypt:5)
  3 white draconian zombies
  2 humans
  A pale draconian zombie (Coc:7)
  2 ice statues
  23 flayed ghosts
  A swamp dragon (shapeshifter) (Vaults:8)
  2 mottled draconian skeletons
  2 death yak skeletons
  4 grey draconian skeletons
  A red draconian skeleton (Abyss)
  3 green draconian skeletons
  A pale draconian skeleton (Pan)
  34 hellions
  A hill giant (shapeshifter) (D:26)
  3 black draconian skeletons
  2 white draconian skeletons
  4 yellow draconian skeletons
  25 hill giants
  8 harpies
  5 guardian serpents
  A hydra zombie (D:20)
  A shadow dragon simulacrum (Tar:2)
  3 orc sorcerers
  A deep dwarf berserker (Abyss)
  An iron troll skeleton (D:20)
  23 shadow demons
  A wolf spider (shapeshifter) (Vaults:1)
  10 giant amoebae
  3 sea snake skeletons
  17 necromancers
  2 harpy zombies
  A red wasp (Vaults:2)
  2 lindwurms (shapeshifter)
  6 oklob plants
  2 siren zombies
  8 wolf spiders
  5 griffons
  10 shining eyes
  6 death drake zombies
  A golden dragon simulacrum (Zot:2)
  2 spiny worms
  63 sixfirhies
  12 flaming corpses
  26 cyclopes
  A minotaur skeleton (Pan)
  A hydra skeleton (Pan)
  A cyclops (shapeshifter) (Vaults:8)
  21 phantasmal warriors
  4 fire crabs
  A spiny worm (shapeshifter) (D:27)
  A jumping spider zombie (Crypt:5)
  11 death drake skeletons
  2 siren skeletons
  A catoblepas skeleton (Crypt:5)
  9 trapdoor spider zombies
  A stone golem (Pan)
  4 eyes of devastation
  27 moths of wrath
  A red wasp zombie (Vaults:6)
  5 elf zombies
  8 ice dragon zombies
  30 black mambas
  An ettin zombie (D:22)
  9 spiny frogs
  A draconian zombie (Coc:2)
  A queen ant (Lair:1)
  30 hell beasts
  The ghost of Felotaur the Carver, an experienced MiFi (D:6)
  5 elephants (Lair:8)
  A draconian skeleton (Crypt:5)
  92 slime creatures
  6 griffon skeletons
  96 orange demons
  11 item mimics (Snake:3)
  An alligator skeleton (Crypt:1)
  3 ettin skeletons
  A fire giant simulacrum (D:19)
  2 feature mimics
  2 hill giant zombies
  5 dragon skeletons
  A black mamba skeleton (Tar:3)
  12 ice dragon skeletons
  4 rock trolls
  165 hellwings
  5 efreet
  A mermaid (shapeshifter) (D:14)
  65 yaktaurs
  45 tormentors
  3 giant firefly zombies
  9 mermaids
  53 iron devils
  10 demonic crawlers
  25 naga magi
  A raven zombie (Dis:7)
  41 guardian mummies
  98 ugly things
  A spriggan skeleton (Crypt:4)
  A queen bee (Elf:3)
  A spriggan zombie (Dis:7)
  17 trolls
  7 komodo dragons
  3 wandering mushrooms (Zot:2)
  14 human zombies
  11 snapping turtles
  3 rock troll zombies
  8 silent spectres
  Prince Ribbit (D:6)
  2 deep troll zombies
  127 smoke demons
  2 hill giant skeletons
  2 red wasp simulacra
  52 spriggans (D:24)
  22 blink frogs
  2 trolls (shapeshifter)
  2 polar bears
  A death drake simulacrum (Tar:2)
  5 deep troll skeletons
  16 two-headed ogres
  A baby alligator zombie (Crypt:3)
  18 brown oozes
  A snapping turtle (shapeshifter) (D:27)
  5 rock troll skeletons
  A blink frog (shapeshifter) (D:15)
  20 giant fireflies (D:24)
  58 blue devils
  A baby alligator skeleton (Crypt:1)
  A grizzly bear (shapeshifter) (Vaults:5)
  A merfolk zombie (Crypt:2)
  2 elves (shapeshifter)
  A rotting hulk (Crypt:1)
  A spiny frog skeleton (Crypt:1)
  8 octopodes
  A trapdoor spider simulacrum (Tomb:1)
  18 vampires
  A giant firefly (shapeshifter) (D:17)
  48 wraiths
  8 grizzly bears
  8 metal gargoyles (Hell)
  4 sharks
  An air elemental (Pan)
  2 blink frog zombies
  2 lindwurm skeletons
  105 ynoxinuls
  5 basilisks
  3 elephant skeletons
  A merfolk skeleton (Pan)
  2 fire elementals (Vaults:2)
  12 golden eyes
  A hippogriff (shapeshifter) (D:22)
  13 deep elf conjurers
  23 chaos spawn
  91 yaks
  A fire drake (Lair:4)
  Grum (D:10)
  5 redbacks (D:25)
  24 vampire mosquitoes
  2 wyverns
  15 hippogriffs
  6 deep elf summoners
  4 blink frog skeletons
  24 deep elf fighters
  42 merfolk
  5 molten gargoyles (Geh:7)
  A redback (shapeshifter) (Vaults:8)
  3 clay golems
  15 fire crab zombies
  93 neqoxecs
  A giant leech simulacrum (Crypt:3)
  A merfolk (shapeshifter) (Vaults:8)
  A mottled dragon (D:18)
  23 water elementals
  5 hogs
  A steam dragon (D:11)
  A giant slug zombie (Crypt:1)
  2 rock worms
  8 boulder beetles
  17 manticores
  2 trapdoor spiders
  11 hungry ghosts
  4 yaktaur zombies
  A baby alligator simulacrum (Tomb:3)
  7 war dogs
  A komodo dragon zombie (Geh:4)
  7 cyclops zombies
  103 hell hounds
  3 spatial vortices (Dis:7)
  A wyvern zombie (Crypt:4)
  2 hell hound zombies (Tar:7)
  2 kobold demonologists
  A manticore zombie (Abyss)
  A mermaid skeleton (Geh:5)
  39 necrophages
  2 komodo dragon skeletons
  2 manticore skeletons
  88 small abominations
  3 yaktaur skeletons
  5 deep elf priests
  12 black bears
  A deep dwarf (Abyss)
  87 red devils
  A blink frog simulacrum (Crypt:5)
  3 boulder beetle zombies
  2 wyvern skeletons
  23 soldier ants
  18 phantoms
  3 sky beasts
  A swamp drake (Zot:2)
  A troll zombie (D:10)
  2 yellow wasps
  42 ogres
  76 orc warriors
  4 giant goldfish zombies
  19 ice beasts
  A bumblebee zombie (Vaults:6)
  29 freezing wraiths
  A rock worm zombie (D:14)
  5 cyclops skeletons
  2 hippogriff zombies
  2 queen bee zombies
  3 hippogriff skeletons
  A yak zombie (D:16)
  A grizzly bear zombie (Geh:1)
  2 giant goldfish skeletons
  A troll skeleton (D:10)
  A naga (shapeshifter) (Vaults:7)
  45 centaurs
  7 lava worms
  Sigmund (D:5)
  Duvessa (D:7)
  A boring beetle (D:21)
  18 crocodiles
  A yak skeleton (Crypt:5)
  46 water moccasins
  17 wolves
  A brain worm (Abyss)
  10 giant slugs
  3 yellow wasp zombies
  19 deep elf magi
  59 rotting devils
  A war dog zombie (Dis:6)
  A centaur zombie (Crypt:1)
  A giant frog zombie (D:10)
  11 wargs
  A boring beetle zombie (Crypt:3)
  4 wolf skeletons
  15 giant frogs
  13 big kobolds
  An octopode zombie (Dis:7)
  81 nagas
  2 silver statues (D:27)
  A war dog skeleton (Tar:1)
  7 agate snails
  2 black bear zombies
  Blork the orc (D:7)
  An earth elemental (Pan)
  2 giant frog skeletons (D:10)
  9 insubstantial wisps (Abyss)
  A centaur skeleton (D:10)
  2 water moccasin skeletons
  A bumblebee simulacrum (Crypt:4)
  A rock worm simulacrum (Vaults:2)
  A two-headed ogre skeleton (Geh:3)
  2 basilisk skeletons
  2 cyclops simulacra
  6 eyes of draining
  22 killer bees
  A grizzly bear simulacrum (Crypt:4)
  4 fire bats (Abyss)
  23 jellyfish
  2 giant goldfish simulacra (Coc:2)
  18 lava fish
  128 wights
  A felid zombie (Crypt:1)
  68 crimson imps
  2 killer bee zombies (D:10)
  3 big kobold zombies
  4 brain worm zombies
  3 deep dwarf zombies
  3 ogre zombies
  2 tengu zombies (Abyss)
  6 electric eels
  2 pulsating lumps (Slime:5)
  3 big fish
  2 elf skeletons
  A felid skeleton (Tar:2)
  Dowan (D:7)
  2 crocodile zombies
  3 big kobold skeletons
  A demigod skeleton (Tar:5)
  4 dwarf skeletons
  4 goliath beetles
  14 hounds
  A mottled dragon skeleton (D:14)
  A tengu skeleton (Abyss)
  8 lava snakes
  62 shadows
  A deep dwarf skeleton (Crypt:2)
  An ogre skeleton (Crypt:1)
  21 orc priests
  20 quasits
  102 iron imps
  A hound skeleton (D:10)
  A hound zombie (Dis:5)
  25 orc wizards
  23 worker ants
  39 deep elf soldiers
  11 iguanas
  5 orange rat zombies
  3 scorpions
  6 porcupines
  15 orange rats
  2 big fish zombies
  57 sheep
  A dwarf simulacrum (Tomb:2)
  2 orange rat skeletons
  2 big fish skeletons
  A demigod simulacrum (Crypt:3)
  2 steam dragon skeletons
  2 boggarts (Vaults:6)
  43 jellies
  6 goliath beetle zombies
  49 mummies
  158 flying skulls
  14 gnolls
  56 adders
  2 adder zombies
  9 giant centipedes
  75 green rats
  2 scorpion zombies
  A halfling skeleton (Crypt:2)
  A halfling zombie (Coc:1)
  79 lemures
  A sheep zombie (Tar:7)
  A giant centipede zombie (D:10)
  An iguana zombie (Crypt:1)
  42 shadow imps
  87 white imps
  2 adder skeletons
  A giant mite (Lair:3)
  A giant centipede simulacrum (Tomb:1)
  5 worms
  434 ufetubi
  41 grey rats
  11 bat skeletons
  2 bat zombies
  A gnoll skeleton (Crypt:1)
  7 giant eyeballs
  11 giant geckos
  A green rat skeleton (Tar:2)
  A green rat zombie (Coc:3)
  16 oozes
  201 orcs
  16 goblins
  8 hobgoblins
  19 jackals
  10 quokkas
  11 ant larvae (Lair:1)
  An ant larva zombie (Crypt:4)
  10 ball pythons
  2 ball python skeletons
  A ball python zombie (Tar:1)
  51 bats
  5 giant cockroaches
  A giant cockroach zombie (Crypt:5)
  2 giant gecko skeletons
  2 giant gecko zombies
  7 giant newts
  4 giant newt skeletons
  A giant spore (D:12)
  2 goblin skeletons
  3 goblin zombies
  A grey rat zombie (Dis:1)
  A hobgoblin skeleton (Vaults:6)
  2 illusory rakshasas (Vaults:6)
  A jackal skeleton (Geh:6)
  A jackal zombie (Dis:7)
  87 kobolds
  2 kobold skeletons
  3 kobold zombies (D:16)
  2 orc skeletons
  4 orc zombies
  A quokka simulacrum (Crypt:4)
  A quokka zombie (Crypt:2)
  31 rats
  A rat skeleton (Tar:7)
  2 rat zombies
  4 ballistomycetes (D:12)
  A butterfly (Tomb:3)
  4 crawling corpses
  4 fungi
  10 plants
  14 tentacles
  A tentacle segment (Coc:6)
  34 toadstools
7780 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (collateral kills)
  The ghost of Felixacon the Swordmaster, a legendary MiFi (Tomb:3)
  Dispater (Dis:7)
  13 greater mummies
  2 Brimstone Fiends (Geh:6)
  2 tentacled monstrosities (Pan)
  An eldritch tentacle (Pan)
  2 Shadow Fiends
  A balrug (Geh:7)
  A ghoul (Tomb:1)
  A fire giant (Geh:7)
  A stone giant (Pan)
  3 cacodemons (Pan)
  6 reapers
  3 blizzard demons
  17 mummy priests
  A lorocyproca (Dis:7)
  4 sun demons (Geh:7)
  A sphinx skeleton (Geh:6)
  5 soul eaters
  An ice devil (Pan)
  6 hell knights
  A skeletal warrior (Tar:6)
  4 large abominations (Pan)
  A grey draconian skeleton (Geh:6)
  An alligator snapping turtle skeleton (Tomb:3)
  A hydra zombie (Geh:5)
  2 orc knights (Pan)
  A hellion (Dis:7)
  A harpy skeleton (Geh:6)
  3 shining eyes (Pan)
  A siren skeleton (Geh:6)
  3 sixfirhies
  An eye of devastation (Pan)
  A phantasmal warrior (Tomb:2)
  5 orange demons
  3 hellwings (Pan)
  2 tormentors
  54 guardian mummies
  An iron devil (Pan)
  3 smoke demons
  A spriggan skeleton (Tomb:3)
  A trapdoor spider simulacrum (Tomb:3)
  9 chaos spawn
  2 blue devils
  A black mamba simulacrum (Tomb:3)
  3 vampires
  A wraith (Geh:7)
  2 fire crab zombies (Geh:7)
  2 ynoxinuls
  3 golden eyes (Pan)
  7 neqoxecs
  3 molten gargoyles (Geh:7)
  A necrophage (Geh:5)
  3 hell hounds
  2 phantoms
  5 small abominations
  A boulder beetle zombie (Geh:7)
  8 red devils
  A manticore skeleton (Geh:6)
  2 rotting devils
  A wolf skeleton (Geh:7)
  A fire crab simulacrum (Tomb:1)
  4 brain worms (Pan)
  12 wights
  6 crimson imps
  A brain worm zombie (Pan)
  9 shadows
  An iron imp (Geh:7)
  A quasit (Geh:7)
  5 orange rats (Tar:7)
  11 mummies
  3 green rats (Tar:7)
  5 flying skulls
  8 lemures (Pan)
  7 white imps
  2 shadow imps (Pan)
  A porcupine skeleton (Tomb:1)
  15 ufetubi
  2 grey rats (Tar:7)
  A giant eyeball (Pan)
  4 bats
  4 rats
  4 butterflies (Tomb:3)
328 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (others)
  8 daevas
  A draconian scorcher (Zot:4)
  A stone giant (Vaults:7)
  11 angels
  A mottled draconian (Zot:3)
  A very ugly thing (Vaults:8)
  A holy swine (Pan)
  A fire giant skeleton (Crypt:5)
  A deep elf knight (Elf:3)
  2 large abominations (Pan)
  2 necromancers
  A sixfirhy (Pan)
  A tarantella zombie (Tomb:2)
  A trapdoor spider zombie (Tomb:1)
  A yaktaur (D:25)
  An orange demon (Pan)
  A hellwing (Pan)
  A naga mage (Snake:5)
  An ugly thing (Vaults:8)
  A hill giant skeleton (Crypt:5)
  2 spriggans (D:24)
  A trapdoor spider simulacrum (Tomb:1)
  A merfolk zombie (Coc:6)
  A vampire (Tar:7)
  2 chaos spawn
  A ynoxinul (Pan)
  A merfolk skeleton (Geh:7)
  A redback (D:25)
  A fire crab zombie (Geh:3)
  2 necrophages
  9 small abominations
  A cyclops skeleton (Crypt:5)
  3 ogres
  A bear skeleton (Crypt:5)
  A naga (Snake:3)
  A troll skeleton (Crypt:5)
  A giant frog (Snake:1)
  2 water moccasins (Snake:2)
  An agate snail (D:23)
  A soldier ant zombie (Tomb:2)
  4 wights
  2 crimson imps (Geh:6)
  2 iron imps (Pan)
  A crocodile skeleton (D:10)
  A hound zombie (Tomb:2)
  A deep elf soldier (Elf:3)
  3 jellies
  4 mummies (Tomb:2)
  6 flying skulls
  3 adders (Snake:2)
  5 lemures (Pan)
  A shadow imp (Pan)
  A white imp (Geh:6)
  19 ufetubi
  4 orcs
  A bat (Elf:2)
  A grey rat (Elf:2)
  A hobgoblin (D:4)
  2 kobolds (Vaults:2)
  An orc skeleton (Crypt:5)
  A quokka (D:5)
  2 rats
  2 butterflies (Pan)
  145 eldritch tentacle segments
  7 fungi
  5 plants
  21 tentacles
  323 tentacle segments
  75 toadstools
717 creatures vanquished.

Grand Total: 8825 creatures vanquished


Cocytus Succeeder

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Post Wednesday, 27th March 2013, 10:34

Re: [YAVP] 15-runer MiFi of Oka->TSO

Gratz on the win. I do love a melee guy that finds awesome gear. Strange choice of spells you got in the end, but you made it work so good for you.

Lair Larrikin

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Post Wednesday, 27th March 2013, 13:50

Re: [YAVP] 15-runer MiFi of Oka->TSO

Didn´t really need the spells. I rarely used swiftness at all, it was only against those pesky mummies. The hydra-spell was just for fun.
I have not been able to cast powerful spells anyway, but since I maxed out all melee skills, i distributed some XP.

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