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DEFE Marathon

Player History
My first win was with Bac the DEFE, with 5 runes. It was my second try with a DEFE, though the DEFE guide helped a great deal.
Four Months Later, I managed to grab myself a Second win, with Kader the NaMk, 7 runes.
Always plays with 8bit music playing in the BG, and while reading a guide.
For this Self-inflicted marathon, I am not allowing myself to use the Wiki or Knowledge Bots.
I can only play a DEFE until I win.

Attempt #1 Drac
Went to DL3 early, found an orcish wizard. Ran out of mana.
Burned to death.

Attempt #2 Abbadon
Sandwitched by Roaches on DL1. Killed one and ran into a pack of jackels.
Eaten Alive.

Attempt #3 Abbadon Jr
Had a close call on DL1, then remembered how to kite.
DL2 spots a sleeping Sigmund 3 spaces away, goes to DL3.
Walks into a huge group of ballistomycete. Total of five. Gains a total of 5SkL and 2XL.
Celebrates by setting Terence and sigmund on fire. Sigmund tastes terrible.
Throws up.

Melts Pikel, Gets another XP spike. 3SkL and 1XL.
Celebrates with buying 2 glowing Items at a shop.
+2 cloak of Darkness, and +0 Helm of Intelligence (+3 to INT)
Finds Temple, in vault surrounded by walls with a downwards staircase next to it.
Finds a randart ring, was guarded by orc priest. It died in a fire.
Tests out some scrolls, ID's Ring of Peiff (cTele +Inv rC- MR) Ring of rP+ Amulet of clarity.

Now worshiping Vehumet. He is one cool dude.
STR is now 8, Now focusing on INT
Finished memorizing all spells from starting book, tests out fireball on a group of local Orcs.
Results are wonderful.
Tested out a mystery wand on a troll.
Results are less than wonderful.

I am now being chased around by a crazy evil Draconian with a halberd.
I take it out with some clever flame cloud placements.
Centaur with frost arrows almost kills me, I'll remember to instantly fireball them next time.
Finds book of Spatial Translocations, and Geomancy. Picks up a couple of spells from both.
Harold burns one of my scrolls, didn't know he could do that. He burns to death shortly after.
I'v been seeing lots of bee's lately, its probably nothing.
Joshepine and her minions burn to death, now Fireball's hunger cost is gone.
I go absolutely insane with fireballs.

Finally find the Lair on DL13, starts IDing everything. Picks up a bunch of bad mutations.
Including the stat drain mutation, my favorite. /sarcasim
Takes out anger on a large group of war dogs and blink frogs.
Finds a mini Hive, blocks off the entrace with flame clouds and starts throwing in Fireballs.
Infuriatingly I did not have enough mana for the entire hive, soon I am being chased by a swarm of Giant Angry bees.
So I ran, blinking whenever i have the chance.
One berzerk bee follows me up the stairs, I am poisoned with 1 hp left.
I start drinking potions.
Its enough to keep me alive long enough to set the bee on fire. I survive.
Returns to hive, Kills everything, Vehumet approves.
Learns Ice cloud, because I can.

Enters spider's den, immediately regrets this decision.
A Blink scroll + Flame cloud saves my life, also all this water is making a whole bunch of steam.
So many trapdoor spiders, I am getting paranoid.
Basket of spiders falls on me.
I blink away and hit them with an Ice cloud, smite targeting is fun.

I find a crystal sabre on L:3 it boosts STR and DEX which is nice considering my endless stat draining.
I am gifted with the book of Annihilations on L:5, Fire Storm is at Very poor.
Scroll of acquirement! Got a staff of wizardry, downed a Potion of Brilliance, Memorized Fire Storm at poor.
Lots of elephants on L:7, L:7 is also one of those vault levels where the whole thing is one giant room.
Also elephants can swim, wish there was some sort of elephant player race now. That can swim.
Upon decent to L:8 I am greeted by a large group of death yaks, blink frogs, and Green Rats.
I attempt to stair dance, and fail.

Attempt #4 Vengance
Crazy Yuif pokes me with a stick on DL2.
Death is quick and painful.

Attempt #5 Jafar
Equips a cursed short sword. Off to a great Start!
Traps Terrence behind a flame wall, then burns him to death.
+2 ring of STR and +5 ring of protection.
Why is prince ribbit on DL4? At least he is sleeping.
Walks into teleport trap. Ends up right next to the royal frog.
This isn't funny.

Somehow I kill him? Sticky flame was helpful.
Rings of Regen and +4 Int. Awesome.
In a fit of stupidity i walk right up to an ogre. I am rewarded with pain.
He is rewarded with death.
His friend was jealous, so I killed him too.
All this death summons the great and mighty Menkaure.
I set his soul on fire, and he screams in pain and dies. I laugh.
Blork the orc shoots a freezing blast at me, so i put a flame cloud between us just in case he tries that again.
He simply walks around it. I respond with more clouds.
I am chased down a corridor with an ogre at the other side.
In an attempt to save my life I use the last of my energy to place a flame cloud in between me and the ogre.
But the ogre is fearless. I use this to my advantage, and the beast is slain.
Blork the orc swiftly follows his example.

I celebrate by purchasing a hat, boots, and cape.
The hat and boots have are a simple +1 to them, but the cloak is enchanted with preservation.
I just need an awesome robe now, and the one Dowan is wearing looks pretty good.
His sister goes insane and burns herself alive. It was weird.
Also his robe was cursed.

I open a door, and am warmly greeted by dozens of kobolds.
Unfortunately for most people, a warm kobold greeting typically involves throwing sharp objects.
Unfortunately for kobolds, people who throw sharp things at me typically burst into flames.
One of them had a Dagger of venom on them. I take it, as he is no longer able to use it, being dead and all.
I'm sure It's how he would have wanted it.
Ijyb wants to see my new toy, so i shove it firmly into his ribcage.
He then spends a good five minutes rolling around on the floor burning to death.
Edmund walks in wondering what all the fuss is about. So I show him.
He must have been really excited, what with all that screaming he was doing.

A group of 6 ballistomycete has been in the corner of DL6 with no giant spores.
I think they need a bit of a buff, as they are worth a ton of XP, and hardly pose a threat.
Finds a Bloodstained scale mail. puts it on to satisfy my randart addiction.
It's cursed as expected.
A centaur thinks it is funny to shoot poison arrows at me, I think its funny when centaurs burst into flames.
After IDing an amulet of faith, I find the Temple. I decide to wear the amulet until I get the books I need.
A couple of gnolls burn to death after i sprung their clever ambush.
Maurice decides to show up because I have no mana. What a Jerk.
Too bad he forgot about my teleportation scrolls. What a Noob.
This gives me enough time to sit in a hallway and surround myself with giant pillars of fire.
After some time, I'm pretty sure he ran away, waiting for me to run out of mana again.
I find the handaxe of Slow Death in a store. It has +10 to damage...

Found a buckler, and started training shields.
I walk into a second mini hive, and against my better judgement set it on fire.
All of the giant killer bees go berserk. and charge through all of my protective flame clouds.
Nonetheless i stand my ground and the queen is dead, and things are looking good.
Just a bit longer and they will all die.
Then, Mike the Human Wanderer of Cheibriados, points at me and mumbles some strange words.
I feel strangely unstable.
He laughs as I realize what he has done, and the bottleneck i had is broken.
A swarm of killer bees rampage throughout DL8.
I swear vengance upon Mike, as I decend into DL9

I find the lair on DL9, and start burning everything. Fireball now has no hunger cost.
L2 is very open and full of eels, just the way I like it. Somehow a group of elephants spawned here.
Found my first spellbook, the one of Maledictions. No thanks!
I try to eat a water moccasin, then realize that i do not have rP+ yet.
After eating a snozzcumber instead, I walk into yet another minihive. This one has at least 3 dozen bees in it.
I throw everything i have at it then teleport away.
Then i rest, rinse, and repeat.
Nonetheless the Dire onslaught of the bees drives me even deeper into the Lair.
It is here where Xac Nict Po has risen.
I would much rather face the Hive.
Actually, I would much rather save the Lair for later.

After returning to the dungeon, I create a stash on L2 and pick up sure blade, and Summon Ice Beast.
Ice Beast: to deal with rF+ mobs, Sure blade: to start training Charms/Hexes.
I also pick up Freezing cloud again, mix that with Ice beast and you can have all kinds of fun.
Though that is a ways off.
Before entering the orcish mines I make sure to change the sound track to something with an electric guitar in it, like all good players should.
I walk through the mines spewing forth flames, incinerating all those who dare oppose in an unrelenting torrent of flames.
Hundreds fall, their twisted charred bodies crumbling to ash within the inferno.
Vehumet is pleased with my work, and grants me precious knowledge. Though he still keeps the spell I seek hidden from me.
I go to the land of my brethren to prove my full devotion to his glorious name.

Harold was waiting for me at the gates, and his patience is rewarded.
That is, if you consider a horrible fiery death a reward.
Erica and Kirke quickly arrive on the scene.
My foes quickly form a line in a hall, and I quickly form an Icey cloud of death right on top of them.
Or at least that was my intention, in reality it just started raining. I need more practice.
The first to fall to the flames was Erica, a shame really. She had potential.
I try to freeze the hall again, and am successful. Kirke and her pigs are frozen solid.
I hear a jolly laugh. I turn and find myself face to face with my old mentor, Nikola.
He embraces me, for I have returned.
The mighty bear hug snaps my ribs and sends an ungodly amount of electricity throughout my entire being.
I die, having failed the great and mighty Vehumet.

Attempt #6 Kansor
I start out in a field of grass. I laugh.
I dive down to DL4 in search of the temple. Someone put lyric's in my soundtrack.
Last time I buy 8bit songs from Amazon.
Holy Cow, just found a shop item worth 20,000 gold. +15 Pearl dragon Randart. (is that a record?)
Spots some humans, Grinder and Dowan hanging out on DL4. Time for DL5.
A cursed teleport ring ports me right next to the DL5 centaur i put 3 Exclusions on.
I am shot to death.

Attempt #7 Kain
Decides to clear DL1-3 before looking for the temple this time.
Finds hand axe of electrocution. Not bad.
I hit jessica in the head with it, she dies.
DL4 is the great doughnut, nothing happens. At all. Lame.
DL5 I punk the Elvish twins and duel wield rings of power. DL4 takes notes.
DL6 is also a great doughnut. Only with the Fire hall to the Temple as the center.
I worship Vehumet again, because thats been working out so well for me the past 6 times. (bitter sarcasim)
The electric Axe is no match for an Imp with poison darts.

Attempt #8 Virullion
I happen upon a vault with a bunch of dead people in it. This is cool.
I take Crazy Yuif's robe and staff. They will serve me well.
Grinder shows up to encourage me to decend in search of the temple.
Dowan immediately greets me as i enter DL4. After my victory over the twins I eat.
Due to hubris and an ogre I am brought down to 3 hp. Luckily I survive.
Two seconds later an orcish priest finishes what the orc had started.

Attempt #9 Pain
I'm finding a good amount of heavy armors on DL1.
Snake bit me, poison flooding through my veins. Drinking potion.
llew won ti sleef ekil ym niarb si gnifrab!
Second potion gives me enough health to survive.
Hey there's a Ziggurat on DL3, no wall. Entrance fee 6540. Ouch.
Grinder!! I run, for now.
I raid an Ossuary, hopefully I will return from it alive.
Menkaure throws me a surprise party upon my victorious return.
Unfortunately the party was canceled due to extreme heat.
Unfortunately Blork the Orc is drawn to extreme heat.
Unfortunately extreme heat gives Blork the Orc a nasty case of death.

I'm going to go with Ash this time around. I have an item in every slot, and half of it is cursed.
Wow, I found the mines before the temple. Thats sad.
Edmund charged through multiple flame clouds to get at me. What a loon.
I charge Joseph just to set him on fire. He did not think it was funny.
The temple is surrounded by glass walls. I do not think this is funny.
Sigmund however thinks it is hilarious to shoot fire at me, when i'm looking around for the secret door.
I do find this to be funny.
Finally found the door. Vehumet is rather tempting, but I go with Ash.
Ijyb, on DL7? Well I was getting hungry.

On testing potions, I got some weird mutations.
My spells are stronger, but harder to cast. All of them are still at excellent.
Upon my way to the lair, I spot my most feared of foes. Giant Bees. In open fields.
I clear the orcish mines easily.
Except for all those times I almost died. Stupid priests. And ogres. And trolls. And priests. And Saint Roka.
I somehow managed to survive a point blank Crystal spear from an ogre mage. With a meager 54 HP.
At any rate theres a really good magic store in here.

So I bought a book of power, and I start training air and poison magic.
I want to go into elf, but I can't see Invisible. And my cloud spell is not ready yet.
So i will go face the bees.
Killed the bees, turns out I had overreacted. Found a book with haste and deflect missiles.
I encounter a tentacled monstrosity on DL12.
Good thing the lair is on DL13!

A scroll of Acquirement grants me a staff of channeling. This might be a keeper.
Theres an Ice cave. This should be easy.
It wasn't easy.

Attempt #10 Boil
DL1 ring of wizardry. DL2 Staff of channeling.
DL4 Virullion. Body beaten to death by an orc, soul burnt to a crisp in the afterlife.
A staff of fire is found on the next floor. Neat.
Menkaure again. I burn him again.
Found the temple, and now am worshiping vehumet.
Found a buckler, start training shields.

Getting tired, forgetting to write things down.
Killed Eloricha, and that got shields to 5, found loads of books, switched flame tounge out for Magic missile.
Found yet another sadistic vault. This one is made of glass, and is full of bears. I'll pass.
Joseph walked into the fire, and was never seen again. (at least in this particular game)
I enter an Ice cave, armed with fire and caution.
Theres a Yak in here? Ok.
Theres a Death Yak in here! Weird.
Theres a Water fountain in here!?! wha- How?
Theres a Frost Giant in he- Ack!

Attempt #11 Toil
I start out in a sadistic vault where one needs to find a secret doorway out.
Ring of fire! Make that two rings of fire. Need to avoid cold damage at all costs.
I really miss that Staff of channeling.
I kill the ghost of Kansor, and find a rod of demonology.
Then I am smitten by a priest.

Attempt #12 Trouble
Sandwiched between a Kobold and Hobgoblin.

Attempt #13 Namonya
Brain smashed in by Hobgoblin.

Attempt #14 Raven
Wow. This is just. Really?
Crazy Yuif is almost dead and uses a health potion right before I kill him.
Now I have no mana. I kill him anyways, but I am rather annoyed right now.
~5 minute break~
Sigmund pops up right in my face on DL3.

Attempt #15 Rage
Shortsword of speed? Interesting but useless.
I find a quick temple on DL4, this is nice.
Probably means the RNG is gonna kill me.
Nope it just gave me a sweet randart ring.
I'm really gonna die now.

I hate Crimson Imps. They add nothing to the game, except for frustration and annoyance.
These useless wastes of time should have gotten canned way before the Hive.
The entire reason these guys exist are to add an unnessisary level of tedium to the game.
Several other things have been removed or streamlined in order to reduce the games tedium.
Why not these guys?

Back to my game.
A staff! Oh. Its just fire. I start training Evoc anyways.
Kain? Didn't I kill him already?
A second time isn't very difficult. (even though the Jerk cheated and threw sticky flame on me from 3 squares away.)
I am really happy to have Poison resistance. Maurice and Sonja are not happy that I have poison resistance.
They cheat and poison me anyways.

Man I hate open areas. But at least these are interesting, and add to the game.
Stupid Bees! I hate these things! Burn!
The Bees had been guarding another good randart ring.
I drink blood in my victory, I think it was human or something.
Wiping my mouth I decend into the lair.
A spiders den is quickly discovered, I throw in as much fire as I possibly can and run.

Vehumet has taken notice of my anger and hatred, and gifted me with knowledge
It doesn't take me long to turn craft it into a club, and hammer my way into the very depths of the lair.
Lair:7 I find myself wandering about in an endless labrynth.
I barely notice the minotaur at the end. None of the loot is noteworthy either.
At the bottom of the lair is the Dire Elephant pit.
I hide on the island. I forgot Elephants can swim now.
Wild blinking drained my mana. Luckily one of my wands finished one off giving me enough time to deal with the other.
I had sealed myself in here with the beasts. I eat a lemon.
All of it. The whole thing.

They elephants fell easily, once I was prepared for them.
Engulfing them in giant clouds of Ice, I shot them full of deadlly toxins.
My endless rage and hate unsatited, I march off to the Orcish mines.
Against my better judgement I go into an ice cave. Again.
Only this time the ghost of Pain is here. No matter, I am stronger.
Theres not much else in here but this wierd looking blue tile.
Now i'm somewhere else. Somewhere colder.
So I warm it up.

Back at the bottom of the mines. The shops set up down here dont have anything good.
There was this cursed randart robe. Woah, scratch that.
A shop separated from the rest had elven boots of running!
Well, I'm off to the Elfish Halls. Mostly for an EXP Bump.
One of the little snots turned invisible, and caused me to hit myself with a fireball.

Donald runs up to me and tells me that turtles are at the bottom, right before bursting into flames.
Is it weird that I've found more Player Ghosts than Uniques by this point?
I've cleared Halls:4 and return to the lair to drop off several of the books I've picked up.
Haha, this is mean!
The entrance to Endvault of the hall is blocked off by Lava.
I can use this to my advantage, with my Ring of Levitation. None of these guys can fly.
Unless they summon uber demons, this should be a cake walk.

So some of them could levitate. And clearing out the vaults was difficult.
Especially with this Crystal spear lodged in my face.

Attempt #16 Fatty
Some people may criticize me on the fact that I seem to be trying to raid Elf:5 a bit too early.
Some people will be ignored.
Menkaure shows up yet again on DL4, only to suffer the same fate as before yet again.
I spot Eustachio in a large empty room. It would not be smart to fight him here.
I clear out some nearby hallways, and test out some wands.
He falls easily to my Flame cloud + Sticky Flame trick.
Bunch of slaves on the next floor, Pikel must be close. I kind of missed having boatloads of uniques the last couple of games.
Crazy Yuif was guarding a neat hammer. It has Blinking and rE+ with freeze damage.
Blork the Orc is jelly and tries to take it from me. He is unsuccessful.
Awesome! Boots of levitation!

Prince Ribbet tried to take my boots, but he was unsuccessful.
Edmund and Erolcha tried to tag team me, but they were unsuccessful.
I sneak up on Psyche and set her on fire. and I am successful.
I have been eating an abnormal amount of human flesh lately.
This must be some kindof Uniques only party as now Joseph is the fifth one to show up on this floor,
He is also the fifth to burn to death.
I pick a wand of healing off of his corpse. Now all I need is a staff of channeling.
But instead i find a really good randart shield. I'm not sure i want to invest in the EXP i would need to use it properly.
Especially when I have to get past the poor aptitude.

I am surrounded, its a large wide open level layout, and a good number of these guys are rather formidable.
I back up against a wall low on mana.
Utilizing the powers gained from my hammer I vanish, and reappear right behind the mob.
Two well placed fireballs severely weakens them, but they are still a threat.
I continue using this method of attack until none remain.
I now descend into the lair.

The entrances to the Swamp and the snake pit are quickly discovered.
My path is now blocked by a sleeping Rupert armed with a triple sword.
I fully prepare myself for all possibilities before attacking.
It wasn't enough, though i am pleased to report that my escape plan worked nicely.
After killing everything else on that floor, I go looking for a rematch, but Rupert is nowhere to be found.
This worries me.
Gastronok doesn't seem to worried about that though. He is more concerned about being on fire.

I feel rather vulnerable even with all this great gear.
But that is to be expected when facing large groups of elephants and death yaks.
I fear that if i continue onward in the lair I will perish.
To the swamps I go!
Nikola quickly greets me, with lightning and thunder. My hammer absorbs most of the energies.
Still hits me like a truck though.
Many of the surrounding trees burst into flames from the battle.
The fool runs straight through one of them and it costs him the battle.

Upon realizing that I have no poison resistance I return to the Lair.
Rupert decides to show up at the worst possible time, I suspect he got shafted.
Round 2 goes much more smoothly than Round 1.
On to L:8.... whats with all these frogs.
Well it shouldn't be too bad.
It was really bad.

Attempt #17 Blake
Finding an early amulet of the gourmand is nice.
So is getting one shot by a centaur.

Attempt #18 Carl
Not much happens until one of my earlier warriors jumps me. This one is a Naga Monk.
While kiting it, he amasses an angry mob of kobold to help him out.
Luckily I am able to Id the right potions and scrolls to get out of there.
Upon recovery i return to Graz for revenge, and find myself sandwiched between him and grinder.
Carl is beaten into a paste and turned into some kind of jelly.
He now spends most of his time with toast.

Attempt #19 Tobo
Killed by dart traps on DL1.

Attempt #20 Croaker
This shall be my last go in this marathon.
I'm getting a tad bit tired of all this burning.

Not much of note happens until i run into Pikel on DL4.
Extremely dangerous my ankles! He goes down practically without a fight.
Blork shows up right next to him. This might be tricky.
It wasn't.

A gnoll castle is also here on DL4, but grinder is guarding it.
The entrance to DL5 has all stairs in one place, a wide open area and Eustachio.
What a Jerk.

There's no trap doors, to DL5 either.
I guess i'll just have to stair dance Eustachio to DL4 where there are halls.
Works like a charm every time!
I enter an Ossuary. Why they dont just call it the catacombs? I'll never know.
There's water in here?

I return to the wide open level.
There are a couple of orcish wizards in a group. Problem
And they all turn invisible. Big problem.
I run away straight into an ogre. Bigger problem.
Luckily i panic ID 2 scrolls of blinking and magic mapping. Problem solved.

I found a staff of ice, how cute.
All of these crimson imps are really annoying.
And Vehumet is not in the temple. Great.
Holy cow, Crimson Imps alone are enough to make me never want to play a Fire mage again!
Ooh, amulet of gourmand!
I've found that if i complain enough about Crimson Imps, the game spawns some wraiths who spawn with Ice weapons.
Downside is that these weapons are cursed.
Tested out some potions and I actually got some cool mutations this time.
I got rF+ and one Str. Very good. I also IDed the cure mutation with a scroll. Just in case.

I enter a bailey. Once again, i do not know why it isn't just called the barracks.
I accidentally put 7.5 levels into Evocations, not Invocations.

My character is at the point where i just spam fireballs at everything.
Sif muna and the amulet of gourmand can keep up my onslaught almost indefinatly.
I encounter the mighty Gasronok, and take his hat. The nonrandart one.
I choose to sacrifice a bit of speed, for loads of power.
Hopefully i'll remember to remove it, should i need to run.

Nessos welcomes me to DL11
I give him the appropriate thanks.
Just remembered that i Forgot to mention Jozef from a while back.
He had used a wand of healing on himself, and I just managed to get it charged again.
I also just ID a wand of teleport. Now I just need a hasting wand.
After Buzzsawing through an Ice cave I find a neat Randart Robe.

Lair shows up on DL12.
I plan on streamrolling it.
We will be dealing with the Snake Pit and the Shoals this adventure.
I was hoping for the new spider area, and Shoals is filled with archers.
Sif Muna has started showering me with spellbooks and whats with all the bees?
They got steamrolled thats what!

Harold must have liked bees or something because he came at me with an Axe.
Then he burst into flames.

I pick up the spell enslave other, to train a bit in hexes. It could also come in handy in the vaults. Maybe.
Some jerk made a vault with infinity crocodiles and other assorted lizards in it.
Some other jerk just steamrolled it.
The steamroller stopped on L7. It took a Wide open area, a blink frog pack, Death Yak Pack, and Dire Elephant pack to stop it.
Oh I still won by a landslide, I just didn't steamroll them.
I've got to keep an eye on my hubris though.

Lots of frogs on L8, I'll be careful this time.
I teleport into the Worst position possible.
Eventually I get an acceptable teleport.
It took quite awhile but i finally got the whole thing cleared. I earned three whole books from that floor alone.

After a brief pause at my stash on L2, I make my way to the Orcish mines.
Erolcha and Prince Ribbet spring a poorly planned ambush on me.
Maurice was taking a leak and was just a tad bit too late for all the fun.
We tried to a have a good time reguardless.
I got lost and found myself inside a volcano.
Some creep animated a pile of toenails. And threw them into a volcano.
I return to the Mines dumbfounded.

Urug doesn't like the fact that I've been killing so many orcs recently.
He also doesn't like the fact that he is now dead.
Life was very disappointing for Urug.
Same story with Erica.

Fannar shows up and we have an Epic Duel.
Well, it would have been Epic if he hadn't died so fast.
I clear out the rest of the mines, and buy the Dragon form Spell.
Probably wont do much fighting in that form, as it knocks me down 8 INT.
But other than that it is great.

I descend into the Elven halls.
Norris is here, and over there, and over there.
I keep on getting hit with sticky flames. Almost all my scrolls have burned.
Jessica? On E2? Okay.
I trade out my Regular buckler for a +2 buckler of reflection.
I remember having a bad experience with reflected shots once, but I forgot what.
The Halls have been cut down yet again. Caught me off guard for a second.
And yet again, my life span has been cut down by a Crystal Spear.

Thank you for reading! I had a lot of fun, both writing and playing. I apologize for not going all the way until victory.
I wish you all the best of luck. Unless you are a Crimson Imp.
Then you can just die.

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