CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

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CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

But I'm having a bitch of a time getting these guys going. I tried following the guide, but relying on imps just hasn't worked out for me at all. Those fucking crimson imps won't stand still and fight, and eventually I run into an orc warrior or hydra or whatever that just tears through all 20 of them faster than I can "aazb" out replacements.

This build I focused more on getting Meph Cloud up ASAP and playing more like a wizard, using imps tactically rather than just walking around in a cloud. This was sort of required though, since a Sif altar wasn't in temple, and worse, I couldn't find one until D:9 :x

I just now got double shafted, figuratively and literally. What should I do here? Both in this specific encounter, and my character direction in general? I can probably just channel, Meph, channel, Swift, and run, then wait for teleportitis to kick in, but with all levels 10-14 unexplored, this teleportitis is going to suck hard. Oh, and when I got shafted to D:14, I was told there was a labyrinth, but I'm not even going to try to get that absurd crap. I don't have the firepower for D:10, let alone D:14. This shafting really sucks. (Still, the teleportitis is my fault. I had three remove curse scrolls around D:4 and burned them all on random junk way faster than I needed to, then carelessly wear-IDed a ring after using the last one. Haven't seen another remove curse since, tho.)

I think I'm at a fork in the road at this point: I can either beeline to try to get online one of: 1) Lightning Bolt, 2) Freezing Cloud, or 3) trident/polearms. Since my enchant scrolls are starting to stockpile, and I have conjure flame/imp blockers, I'm thinking the latter. I'm not sure what all I will need in terms of skills to get freezing cloud working, with Ice at zero, it seems quite a ways off.

 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.11-a0-3198-g6e5327a (tiles) character file.

summmumm the Cloud Mage (Mummy Wizard)             Turns: 15542, Time: 02:00:50

HP  61/61        AC  9     Str 10      XL: 10   Next: 38%
MP   1/22        EV 11     Int 23      God: Sif Muna [*.....]
Gold 487         SH  0     Dex 10      Spells:  7 memorised,  4 levels left

Res.Fire  : x . .   See Invis. : .   a - whip (reach)
Res.Cold  : + . .   Warding    : .   d - +1 troll leather armour
Life Prot.: + + +   Conserve   : .   (no shield)
Res.Poison: +       Res.Corr.  : .   x - +0 helmet {Int+3}
Res.Elec. : .       Clarity    : .   (no cloak)
Sust.Abil.: . .     Spirit.Shd : .   c - +1 pair of gloves
Res.Mut.  : .       Rnd.Telep. : +   u - +0 pair of orc boots
Res.Rott. : +       Ctrl.Telep.: .   (no amulet)
Saprovore : . . .   Levitation : .   r - cursed ring of hunger
                    Ctrl.Flight: .   i - cursed ring of teleportation

@: somewhat resistant to hostile enchantments, unstealthy
A: no food or potions, fire vulnerability, restore body, cold resistance 1, life
protection 3, poison resistance, torment resistance, unbreathing
a: Channel Energy, Renounce Religion, Evoke Teleportation

You are on level 13 of the Dungeon.
You worship Sif Muna.
Sif Muna is most pleased with you.
You are not hungry.

You have visited 2 branches of the dungeon, and seen 14 of its levels.

You have collected 467 gold pieces.


Hand weapons
 a - an uncursed whip of reaching (weapon)
 b - a +1,+1 sling
 m - a cursed sling
 o - an uncursed whip of venom
 w - an orcish trident
 C - a +0,+1 trident
 D - an orcish trident
 h - 43 stones (quivered)
 l - 13 exploding sling bullets
 q - 33 sling bullets
 t - 16 sling bullets of frost
 c - a +1 pair of gloves (worn)
 d - a +1 troll leather armour (worn)
 u - a +0 pair of orcish boots (worn)
 x - a +0 helmet of intelligence (worn)
 I - a buckler
Magical devices
 e - a wand of frost {zapped: 5}
 B - a wand of invisibility {zapped: 1}
 J - an encrusted iron wand
 f - a scroll of enchant weapon II
 g - a scroll of enchant weapon I
 j - 7 scrolls of identify
 s - 2 scrolls of teleportation
 z - a scroll of blinking
 G - a scroll of fog
 H - a scroll labeled KLISIS LAIS
 i - a cursed ring of teleportation (left hand)
 k - a ring of teleportation
 n - an uncursed ring of sustain abilities
 p - a +2 ring of strength
 r - a cursed ring of hunger (right hand)
 A - an uncursed ring of ice
 F - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
 v - a book of Party Tricks   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Summon Butterflies                 Summoning                    1
   Apportation                        Translocation                1
   *Blink                             Translocation                2
   Tukima's Dance                     Hexes                        3
   Alistair's Intoxication            Transmutation/Poison         4
 y - a book of Air   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Shock                              Conjuration/Air              1
   *Swiftness                         Charms/Air                   2
   *Repel Missiles                    Charms/Air                   2
   Flight                             Charms/Air                   3
   Static Discharge                   Conjuration/Air              3
   Lightning Bolt                     Conjuration/Air              5
 E - a book of Clouds   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Evaporate                          Fire/Transmutation           2
   *Mephitic Cloud                    Conjuration/Poison/Air       3
   *Conjure Flame                     Conjuration/Fire             3
   Poisonous Cloud                    Conjuration/Poison/Air       6
   Freezing Cloud                     Conjuration/Ice/Air          6
   Ring of Flames                     Charms/Fire                  7

 * Level 1.7 Polearms
 - Level 2.0 Slings
 - Level 2.0 Dodging
 - Level 2.0 Stealth
 - Level 5.0 Spellcasting
 - Level 7.0 Conjurations
 - Level 3.2 Summonings
 - Level 1.0 Translocations
 - Level 8.0 Air Magic
 - Level 2.1 Poison Magic

You have 4 spell levels left.
You know the following spells:

 Your Spells              Type           Power        Failure   Level  Hunger
a - Magic Dart            Conj           #####        1%          1    N/A
b - Call Imp              Summ           ####......   6%          2    N/A
c - Mephitic Cloud        Conj/Pois/Air  #####....    3%          3    N/A
e - Conjure Flame         Conj/Fire      ####.....    10%         3    N/A
f - Repel Missiles        Chrm/Air       ####......   3%          2    N/A
g - Blink                 Tloc           N/A          14%         2    N/A
h - Swiftness             Chrm/Air       ####......   3%          2    N/A

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (14/27)            Temple (1/1) D:4             Orc (0/4) D:7
   Lair (0/8) D:10       
Vaults: D:14-19     

Nemelex Xobeh
Sif Muna
the Shining One

D:4: /  D:10: !

D:2 Sigmund
D:10 exclusion: oklob plant, Joseph

Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You do not eat or drink.
Your flesh is vulnerable to fire.
Your flesh is cold resistant.
You are immune to negative energy.
Your system is resistant to poisons.
You are immune to unholy pain and torment.
You can survive without breathing.

Message History

The purple ugly thing claws you but does no damage.
The purple ugly thing closely misses you.
The purple ugly thing pecks the purple ugly thing but does no damage.
The purple ugly thing barely misses you.
The purple ugly thing basks in the mutagenic energy from its kin and changes!
The yaktaur hits your crimson imp but does no damage.
Your crimson imp hits the red ugly thing.
You hit the purple ugly thing.
The purple ugly thing is almost dead.
The purple ugly thing basks in the mutagenic energy from its kin and changes!
The purple ugly thing completely misses you.
The purple ugly thing closely misses you.
Your crimson imp blinks!
You hit the purple ugly thing.
You kill the purple ugly thing!
Your Dodging skill increases to level 2!
The purple ugly thing barely misses you.
Press: ? - help, v - describe, . - travel, g - get item
A scroll of enchant weapon II.
A floor.

.      ......#
#      #..u..#
#      #.....#
#      #.u.c.#
#      #...?.#
#      #.u.$.#
#      #.5...#

You can see 5 ugly things, a yaktaur shaped shifter (confused) and a friendly
crimson imp.

Vanquished Creatures
  An unseen horror (D:9)
  A hill giant (D:10)
  An ugly thing (D:13)
  The ghost of Fire the Ruinous, an average DEFE (D:5)
  A manticore (D:6)
  A necrophage (D:8)
  Menkaure (D:6)
  A giant goldfish zombie (D:7)
  4 orc warriors
  3 sky beasts
  2 ogres
  A phantom (D:7)
  3 centaurs
  A yak skeleton (D:12)
  A gnoll sergeant (D:7)
  A water moccasin skeleton (D:10)
  4 giant frogs
  A killer bee zombie (D:5)
  3 crimson imps
  3 wights (D:7)
  2 goliath beetles
  A big kobold skeleton (D:10)
  A quasit (D:10)
  4 hounds
  A shadow (D:9)
  2 scorpions
  2 orc priests (D:10)
  A hound skeleton (D:4)
  An orc wizard (D:10)
  2 iguanas (D:9)
  2 worker ants
  2 worker ant zombies
  6 jellies
  A mummy (D:14)
  A scorpion zombie (D:6)
  10 gnolls (D:7)
  6 adders
  A giant centipede (D:12)
  4 white imps
  2 adder skeletons
  An adder zombie (D:4)
  A shadow imp (D:9)
  4 worms
  4 giant geckos
  2 oozes
  29 orcs
  5 ball pythons
  10 bats
  4 giant cockroaches
  12 hobgoblins
  12 jackals
  19 kobolds
  5 quokkas
  6 giant newts
  10 goblins
  A hobgoblin skeleton (D:6)
  A hobgoblin zombie (D:9)
  A kobold skeleton (D:6)
  A kobold zombie (D:5)
  2 orc skeletons
  16 rats
  2 rat zombies
  6 toadstools
241 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (collateral kills)
  A hippogriff (D:8)
  Eustachio (D:7)
  An orc warrior (D:7)
  2 sky beasts (D:10)
  2 phantoms (D:7)
  A centaur (D:8)
  An ice beast (D:8)
  A water moccasin (D:9)
  A giant frog (D:10)
  A basilisk zombie (D:9)
  An eye of draining (D:8)
  8 wights
  3 crimson imps
  A big kobold skeleton (D:8)
  A gnoll shaman (D:7)
  3 scorpions
  2 orc wizards (D:8)
  3 worker ants
  A worker ant zombie (D:9)
  4 adders
  4 gnolls (D:7)
  A shadow imp (D:4)
  A giant mite (D:8)
  A worm (D:7)
  A bat zombie (D:7)
  A giant eyeball (D:7)
  8 orcs
  3 bats
  A goblin (D:6)
  A hobgoblin (D:8)
  A jackal (D:8)
  2 kobolds
  A toadstool (D:7)
65 creatures vanquished.

Vanquished Creatures (others)
  A small abomination (D:9)
  A centaur (D:9)
  A giant frog zombie (D:7)
  32 crimson imps
  4 iron imps
  A scorpion (D:5)
  An iguana zombie (D:9)
  6 shadow imps
  An adder (D:7)
  20 white imps
  5 gnoll zombies (D:7)
  A goblin (D:7)
  A kobold (D:6)
  A ball python skeleton (D:6)
  A giant newt (D:4)
  A hobgoblin skeleton (D:5)
  A hobgoblin zombie (D:8)
  2 orc skeletons (D:8)
  3 orc zombies
  A rat zombie (D:3)
  24 toadstools
109 creatures vanquished.

Grand Total: 415 creatures vanquished

Turn   | Place    | Note
     0 | D:1      | summmumm, the Mummy Wizard, began the quest for the Orb.
     0 | D:1      | Reached XP level 1. HP: 11/11 MP: 5/5
    21 | D:1      | Reached skill level 1 in Conjurations
   525 | D:1      | Reached XP level 2. HP: 17/17 MP: 1/7
  1422 | D:2      | Noticed Sigmund
  1560 | D:2      | Reached XP level 3. HP: 22/22 MP: 6/9
  1934 | D:2      | Found a sparkling altar of Nemelex Xobeh.
  2063 | D:2      | Learned a level 3 spell: Mephitic Cloud
  2396 | D:3      | Reached skill level 1 in Air Magic
  2594 | D:3      | Learned a level 2 spell: Call Imp
  2789 | D:3      | Reached skill level 1 in Poison Magic
  2794 | D:3      | Reached XP level 4. HP: 28/28 MP: 9/11
  2939 | D:3      | Found a shimmering altar of Xom.
  3259 | D:3      | Found a bloodstained altar of Trog.
  3786 | D:3      | Reached skill level 1 in Summonings
  4187 | D:4      | Found a staircase to the Ecumenical Temple.
  4209 | Temple   | Entered the Ecumenical Temple
  4605 | D:4      | Noticed an ogre
  4624 | D:4      | Killed an ogre
  4624 | D:4      | Reached XP level 5. HP: 33/33 MP: 1/12
  4899 | D:4      | Reached XP level 6. HP: 39/39 MP: 0/14
  5346 | D:4      | Found Afang's Magical Wand Shop.
  5524 | D:4      | Found a shattered altar of Ashenzari.
  5534 | D:4      | Got a black book
  5535 | D:4      | Identified Ashenzari's Tome of Culinary Dark Arts (You found it on level 4 of the Dungeon)
  5544 | D:4      | Learned a level 1 spell: Animate Skeleton
  5690 | D:5      | Entered Level 5 of the Dungeon
  5690 | D:5      | Found a snail-covered altar of Cheibriados.
  5936 | D:5      | Reached skill level 4 in Conjurations
  6141 | D:5      | Learned a level 3 spell: Conjure Flame
  6167 | D:5      | Noticed Fire's ghost (average DEFE)
  6177 | D:5      | Killed Fire's ghost
  6177 | D:5      | Reached XP level 7. HP: 27/44 MP: 8/16
  6339 | D:5      | Learned a level 2 spell: Repel Missiles
  6719 | D:5      | Reached skill level 5 in Conjurations
  6733 | D:5      | Found a glowing silver altar of Zin.
  7040 | D:6      | Reached XP level 8. HP: 50/50 MP: 1/18
  7289 | D:6      | Noticed Menkaure
  7494 | D:6      | Killed Menkaure
  7647 | D:6      | Reached skill level 1 in Slings
  7803 | D:7      | Noticed Eustachio
  7898 | D:7      | Killed Eustachio
  8675 | D:6      | Reached skill level 6 in Conjurations
  9148 | D:7      | Found a white marble altar of Elyvilon.
  9156 | D:7      | Paralysed by a giant eyeball for 4 turns
  9251 | D:7      | Found a staircase to the Orcish Mines.
  9395 | D:7      | Reached skill level 5 in Air Magic
  9395 | D:7      | Reached XP level 9. HP: 40/55 MP: 9/18
 10115 | D:7      | Learned a level 2 spell: Blink
 10834 | D:7      | Reached skill level 5 in Spellcasting
 10837 | D:7      | Found an ancient bone altar of Kikubaaqudgha.
 11421 | D:8      | Learned a level 2 spell: Swiftness
 12205 | D:8      | Found an iron altar of Okawaru.
 12923 | D:9      | Reached skill level 7 in Conjurations
 13115 | D:9      | Reached skill level 1 in Translocations
 13183 | D:9      | Found a deep blue altar of Sif Muna.
 13190 | D:9      | Became a worshipper of Sif Muna the Loreminder
 13637 | D:9      | Noticed a dragon zombie
 14494 | D:9      | Killed an unseen horror
 14494 | D:9      | Reached XP level 10. HP: 61/61 MP: 0/22
 14498 | D:9      | Acquired Sif Muna's first power
 14688 | D:10     | Entered Level 10 of the Dungeon
 14770 | D:10     | Found a staircase to the Lair.
 14771 | D:10     | Noticed an oklob plant
 14821 | D:10     | Noticed Joseph
 14904 | D:10     | Noticed a hill giant
 14988 | D:10     | Killed a hill giant
 15048 | D:10     | Found Eshrius' Distillery.
 15096 | D:10     | You fall through a shaft!
 15132 | D:12     | Reached skill level 8 in Air Magic
 15338 | D:12     | You fall through a shaft!
 15338 | D:14     | Entered Level 14 of the Dungeon
 15453 | D:13     | Noticed a draconian
 15470 | D:13     | Reached skill level 1 in Polearms
 15520 | D:13     | a draconian changed into a merfolk

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Re: CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

At this point you will need some luck.

For this specific encounter I'd do as you said, except I wouldn't swift & run but channel instead. When you get teleported next you want mana this time. And if teleport doesn't come, you have a decent position to fight those.

Then I'd look for stairs to go back to D:10, but fighting rather than running. Be ready to use blinking/fog as well.

Lightning bolt is decent if you understand how to multi zap. The major drawback though is the noise.

Freezing cloud, you don't really need ice. With about 10 conj&air you should be able to get started with it. If you do invest in ice though it will be much faster. And it's a really awesome spell.

I wouldn't invest in tridents right now, it might be ok to do so but you definitly can't spread too much with a mummy (slow exp). However you have hungerless channeling, I'd use that instead of trying to swing a weapon.

Just so you know, I'm kind of a newb as well but I happen to play a MuWz currently and it had a rather similar build early game: summon focused, <3 mephitic, freezing clouds without ice, lightning bolt.
On that note, one of the last spells I memorized (while in a ziggurat) was summon butterfly and I wish I did earlier as it would have made some of my narrow escapes a lot easier. In your situation I'd definitly get it now.

EDIT: You'll need some invocation too, it makes channeling more efficient. Caps at int + invocation == 40.

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Re: CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

I've heard of MuSu being easy mode, but wizards need to spread their skills out, which highlights mummies' weak aptitudes. You appear to be leaning more toward conjurations as your main killing tool. Channeling will let you fill up your MP quickly after a fight, but summoners can do that during a fight.

You've got lots of options to keep enemies at bay, so I'll echo Lulero's advice and recommend making a fighting advance for the stairs. If stuff gets scary, throw up some blockers and run away. Once you're back up where you started, decide which spell you want to use to kill things, and lean on it. Right now, you're too spread out.

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Re: CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

Wrong post somehow, sorry....
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Re: CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

ddubois wrote: I run into an orc warrior or hydra or whatever that just tears through all 20 of them faster than I can "aazb" out replacements

At some point, you will come up with a way to kill those.

But one of the key lessons on the way to winning Crawl is: you don't actually have to kill everything on your way, especially not as soon as you meet it. If your storm of imps can't kill an orc warrior, they will at least delay/annoy it long enough that you can go somewhere else, and find something you can kill.

Also, 'easy mode' is probably an exaggeration for any combo, unless you have won many times already ;)
I am sure I played flawflessly. This was an utmost unfair death. -- gorbeh

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Re: CIP: MuWz is supposed to be easy mode

Orc warriors are incapable of killing more than one summon per turn. Spammals will eventually kill them as long as you are not in a corridor, though it will be very tedious (this is true for any enemy which is speed 10 and has no way of killing more than one summon per turn). Scorpions will usually kill hydrae as long as you start summoning early enough, but yes they are one of the few monsters actually capable of overwhelming spammals. Scorpions will definitely kill orc warriors.

For MuWz you can use conjure flame in these situations, but I really think musu is much better if you want to kill everything with summons (because spammals is indeed that good).

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