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[MuSu]: fire walk with me! [mummy challenge completed]

Another challenge done :D
This one has been freaky scary to do: play a mummy who stays rf- for all the game, aka resistances are highly overrated :D
The solution to win this game was obviously to play a summoner: being behind a strong wall-meat solves most of weakness to fire - if you run away from a fire-foo enemy and let your minions to do the dirty job, rf- doesn't count *so* much.

Nevertheless, the game has proved to be sometimes quite difficult: adding the rf- to the normal weakness of a mummy, a suffered fire attack could take away more than 75% of health!
Most of dangerous situation were against Xtahua, who hit me with his breath, then on D:27, opening a door and being blast by the fireball of one of two fire giants behind and on zot:5 during orb run when a ancient lich hit me with a bolt of fire .
Finally, on D:9 I met a Balrug - from whom I run swiftly away, only to face a pan lord three tiles away, who threw a powerful mystic blast on my face. Then, I played really ***bad*** blinking immediately, instead of haunting him firstly: I landed right next him, just to be put near the edge of (second) death with 1 hp :oops: Fortunately, the RNG watched for me, and let me to escape without suffering a so humiliating defeat. All praise the RNG! :D

Oh, I won this challenge, but I inadvertently got rf for two turns: first time, when I've wielded-id a staff of fire (I totally forgot it gives rf+) and a second time when I put on a ring of fire (I totally forgot I hadn't still identified them). As they were only 2 turns, out of combat, I still considered the challenge won!

Dump here: ... 163538.txt
screw it I hate this character I'm gonna go melee Gastronok

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