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YAVP - MiFi of Oka/TSO

PostPosted: Saturday, 7th July 2012, 19:02
by Roshnak
My first win, and a 15-runer on top of it.

Converted to Okawaru at the temple, and tried to get as many gifts as possible before switching to TSO for the end-game.
Once I hit the end of the Vaults, I switched to TSO, and cleared the crypt to build Piety.
I turned a demon whip of venom into a holy scourge, but I switched to the Autumn Katana after I got berserkitis 2 from the slime pits.
I'd use the katana for general killing, but when I wanted to dish out some stupid levels of damage, I switched to my scourge and my amulet of rage.
I have to say, TSO is an amazing god for the end-game. With high invocations, the cleansing flame obliterates absolutely everything except pan lords.

The hardest parts of the game were the Shoals and the Tomb. I nearly died in the Shoals when I got mesmerized and swarmed by every single merfolk on the level, but I had a scroll of fear handy. The Tomb was just a pain in the ass on every level. It took me forever to clear it because I used angels to avoid the curses, and they ate piety faster than I could earn it, so I had to clear more Pan levels to build my piety back up. The last stretch was particularly painful, having to kill three or more greater mummies at the same time, without a source of silence.

It was good fun, and in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have invested so many skill points into slings and evocations. I had realized my mistake once I realized I did more damage by just straight up slicing and whipping everything to death, but by that point it didn't really matter much since I had maxed everything I needed to anyways.

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Re: YAVP - MiFi of Oka/TSO

PostPosted: Saturday, 7th July 2012, 19:34
by bobross419
Congrats on the win.

Big fan of MiFi myself. Some tips if you decide to play them again... I'd suggest laying off the Evo (unless you find a nice early rod, then a few points can go a long way) and ranged. I'll generally put a few levels into Throwing and just rely on Javs for my ranged damage. You also don't need that much in your melee weapon skills... Just enough to get your weapon to min delay is sufficient. Also, you won't want to put any points into UC as it isn't useful to you at all... and T&D at 10 is usually fine. Without that you'll have plenty of exp to branch out into some charms and hexes - Swiftness and Repel Missiles are really easy to get online and having Flight frees up a spot in your inventory, Cure Poison is also nice to have so you don't have to waste time resting or quaffing potions better saved for Confusion and stuff. Plus, haste and silence are very nice as well :)

Re: YAVP - MiFi of Oka/TSO

PostPosted: Sunday, 8th July 2012, 05:17
by Roshnak
What's a good amount of skill to put into throwing anyways?

I've discovered the awesomeness of Javelins on my current Hill Orc Priest run.
I've got 6 heavily enchanted javelins of penetration and 4 steel javelins, and those take care of all of my ranged group and single-target damage.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't steel javelins have the lowest mulch rate in the game?

Also, concerning the hexes that I should've branched into, I considered it, but wouldn't it have taken loads of skill, int, and wizardry bonuses to be able to cast it in GDR?

My reasoning for unarmed combat was that the retaliatory headbutt would be better if I had some unarmed skill. In retrospect, the points would have been way better pretty much anywhere else.

Re: YAVP - MiFi of Oka/TSO

PostPosted: Sunday, 8th July 2012, 15:06
by bobross419
5 or 6 throwing is usually what I go with. Enough to hit fairly regularly but not enough for oka to barf out darts.

About the hexes, ya it does take up quite a bit of skill... I sometimes forget that not everyone is interested in farming Pan lol. Even at 3 int you can still get level 6 spells castable though, it just takes a lot of skill points. With that said, MiFi still have a lot of extra skill points left over after taking care of the basics.