YAVP: My First Tournament Win - GhCK - 3 Runes

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Post Sunday, 26th February 2012, 16:49

YAVP: My First Tournament Win - GhCK - 3 Runes


Started this character yesterday, mostly for kicks. Was with Xom till I got abyssed for the 2nd or 3rd (was lvl 20+) time and got an altar of Lugonu nearby. I barely used her abilities though. This character could have probably done much more runes but I got tired of it and I'm not playing on my laptop atm , not used to this keyboard. :P

* Xom loves reflection shields (i was constantly getting Xom thinks this is hilarious" messages while under ranged fire) (elves comes to mind).
* Orbs of fire felt really overpowering but some stair dancing took care of late Zot.
* A general lack of EA scrolls led to my Crystal Plate staying at +6 till the end.

For me this was my:

First Ghoul win
First Chaos Knight win.
First online win.
612 | D:1      | Xom revived you
614 | D:1      | Xom revived you
614 | D:1      | Slain by a gnoll

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Re: YAVP: My First Tournament Win - GhCK - 3 Runes

grats wp

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