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0.12 HOPr

A few years ago I was trying to get wins with as many races/classes as possible via WebTiles (got my HE, SE, St, He, etc.), and I had a HOPr going in 0.12. I stumbled on that game recently, and have started trying to finish it off. It's a bit harder than usual, since not only am I rusty at crawl, I don't recall anything about how the game worked at that time.


This guy's got some really interesting leather armor, and I invested too much into Dodge (13) while wearing it:
the +1 leather armour of Death Resistance (worn) {rElec rPois rC+ MR Str+3 Stlth++}

...but I know a HO of Beough should be focused on tanking for his minions. Is it time to switch to some unbranded plate armor? I'd go from 15/15 to 27/5, so I'm guessing the answer is yes. There's no heavy dragon armor in the game yet.

Or maybe I should take advantage of my leather and get some spells up? What was even good in 0.12?

This guys' got some interesting weapon choices. I know he's supposed to be an axe guy, but my whips thus far in this game seem better:
 a - a +6,+6 orcish whip of electrocution
 f - a +0,+1 orcish vampiric war axe {!w}
 D - a +1,+2 broad axe of chopping (weapon)
 G - the +3,+4 demon whip of Severance {venom, rPois}

Which weapon to use with 5 Axes and 12.1 Maces & Flails?

Keeping my followers alive has been a real challenge. I used the recall followers (a)bility taking on the Snake rune chamber, and apparently that ability summons from the entire dungeon, so mass numbers of orcs were killed, and I have a very limited number of orcs left. I had already over-explored orc mines at that point, not realizing I would be better off leaving around an unconverted orc "inventory". I don't think the ability to resurrect or give them weapons exists in 0.12; they seem to grab stuff off the floor on their own. I don't know if I should try to maintain an inventory of polearms and range weapons to drop when I convert a new orc for them to pick up, but that's really hard to do anyway, since 0.12 inventory management is so miserable. I don't know if 0.12 will let me cheese my third rune like Ultraviolet did in this video, and even if that technique would work, I don't have any orcs upgraded to warlord level yet (again, they are hard to keep alive).

Advice please?

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Re: 0.12 HOPr

While it's been about a decade since I played .12, I don't think there's been too many changes that would impact choices like plate vs leather or how to manage your allies. That should be mostly the same. Just watch out for item destruction, which still exists, so drop some of your potions/scrolls if you have large stacks.

For managing orc followers: You typically want about 2-5 melee orcs, so that they can get a high share of experience (instead of 20+ orcs). Your goal is to get them to warlords, and then equip them with polearms for the reaching ability. If you find a vamp polearm, that warlord may just survive all game long. Sadly, even high level wizard/priests tend to die, so while you can try to keep them alive, don't put too much hope on keeping them going forever. If you can get them armor with fire resistance, that's a great thing to look out for, you'll need it in Zot. I recall taking 4 warlords to zot:5 and while 3 died, I managed to keep one alive all the way to escaping the dungeon.

As for the weapon to use now, I think the demon whip is the best overall. Electrocution is a better brand for low hp monsters and could be worth using, but the demon whip has much better base damage. Venom isn't the best brand with how many monsters resist/are immune, but it's good for many things that aren't resistant.

I don't think either of the axes are good enough to warrant switching, but you should still keep an eye out for a good battle axe or executioner's later, which may be worth it. Put the vamp axe on a warlord follower and it'll help keep them alive.

I would switch to heavy armor at some point, but I might wait for something a bit better than just +0 plate. Either something with +enchantment or a useful resist, then swap?

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Re: 0.12 HOPr

Found that morgue with my good buddy Margrim: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Tason ... 100316.txt. Some snippets:

You have escaped!
You could see the friendly Margrim the orc warlord.

Probably the secret to Margrim's success:

Margrim hits the sixfirhy from afar with a +3 vampiric glaive!!

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Re: 0.12 HOPr

25877 | Snake:4  | Gained Margrim as an ally
25879 | Snake:4  | Your ally Margrim died

 34896 | Vaults:3 | Your ally Margrim died

 43888 | Vaults:4 | Your ally Margrim died

An other explanation of Margrim's success: resurrection.

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Re: 0.12 HOPr

Look, I want you to know I take only the finest care of my followers. Do they experience great danger? Definitely. Do some of them die? Almost certainly. But the ones I actually like? Hardly ever. A few errors here and there - always on the part of the follower, of course - may occur. Should such a follower make a mistake, we offer the ability to try again. What more could you ask for? Join Beogh Today!

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