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CIP -> YASD: DsGl of Hep (More like DsGl of Help

PostPosted: Sunday, 9th May 2021, 15:49
by killdudes
Finally died, a few turns after beating dispater, the game crashed. Before I could get to him again, two hell sentinals unloaded on me and I died. :/

I tried starting a bunch of unarmed DsGl and DsMo hoping for claws, but it seemed literally impossible to survive the first few floors, even a quakka seemed like certain death sometimes.
I'll give it another shot later.

I ended up making a DsGl, choosing short blades as my starting weapon. Made a huge difference in survivability.
Found an early unknown altar- given my death streak, I decided why not, since I'm dying early anyway I might as well try for some extra survivability even if it's risky.
I ended up with hep, and since I was using short blades I chose to make Yo Mamma a hexer- which was very helpful so far.
Had a series of comical near death teleports in orc:2 despite half the level being cleared, I teleported from one death trap to another, sometimes only tiles away about 4-6 times in a row.
(A hasted, mighty Donald with a double sword of holy wrath was my worst nightmare, not to mention packs of orc high priests, warlords, etc.)
IDK how I lived, all it would have taken is one more smite or a well placed boomerang, but somehow I made it at the expense of most of my scrolls. I'm sure Xom would have got a kick out of it.

I've managed to clear D:1-15, Orc:1-2, and Lair:1-6 so far. However, now I'm stuck at an impass;
With my current defense and evasion, going to snake or shoals feels like a certain death sentence. I feel I'm soon going to become another player ghost wandering the halls.
My current ac is at a meager 13, my ev isn't much better at 16. My resistances are rF+, rC+, rPois, See Invis, Slay+6, RegenMP, Spirit and Will++. Could be worse, but it's definitely not great.
The only scales that have dropped so far were acid, and there's only a couple enchant armor scrolls so far. Currently I'm using a +2 ringmail of poison resistance.
If swamp was generated I would dip my head in there long enough to carefully take down some swamp dragons and use their scales in this situation, but that's not possible here.
My current spells are:
Spell, fail rate
Olgreb's Toxic Radiance, 26%
Blink, 2%
Mephitic Cloud, 9%
Ignite Poison, 26%
Freezing Cloud, 100%
Ozocubu's Armour, 38%

Anyone have any ideas on what to invest training into, spells to learn or equipment changes for survivability that might help me not to splat in the immediate future?
This run feels kind of sort of promising so far in it's own way, but I'm so incredibly squishy and I don't feel confident at all about my chances from here on (especially in snake).
Here's my character dump: ... ldudes.txt


Update: Stepped into shoals, lost over half of my health within a couple turns and ended up mesmerized and almost dyed instantly. So shoals is definitely a no-go right now. x_x

Update #2: Desperate and out of ideas, I went into the depths, hoping for some dragon scales- even as dangerous as they are at the moment I felt they were safer than shoals or snake.
Surprisingly, I managed to live by carefully singling anything dangerous out by it's self as much as I could and abusing stair-hopping. I found lots of dragons, but none seemed to be dropping scales,
Not until Depths:3 (well a GDA on Depths:2, thanks to a desperately read scroll of summoning), after the millionth fire or ice dragon I killed, I found an FDA. My ac is now 18. Now to find scrolls. >.>

Update #3:
Made it through shoals- was actually easy except for shoals:1 where everything was attacking me at once.
I trained up poison magic a bit to get olgreb's toxic radiance and ignite poison more reliable, and I'm now training ice magic as I have ozocubu's refridgeration and freezing cloud available.
Currently at 19 AC- only 3 scrolls so far. >.<

Update #4:
Cleared Depths:1-5, Elf:1-3, Crypt:1-3, and Vaults:1-5.
I switched to a randart ringmail +8 with rF+ Dex-2 Slay+2 See Invis- it's only 4ac lower than my +7 FDA for right now (24 vs 28).
I can now use ozocubu's refrigeration with an ice staff and a randart ice ring equipped for double boosted freezing with rC+++ to avoid -potion.
When switching to my randart +8 rCorr rF+ vorpal scimitar, I still have rF+++.
I'm a very powerful glass cannon now. I even get tankier when my HP is low.
The only thing worrying me is the ds mutation that swaps health regeneration for magic regeneration while low on mp, along with spirit shield. Kind of sketchy for extended, but since I've got torment resistance and willpower as ds mutations, well.... Always got to go for 15 runes if everything lines up like this, right.
I'm up to 14 slaying without even going out of my way or swapping out resistances. 14 slaying. 14 slaying. 14 slaying.... @_@