Post Thursday, 20th February 2020, 01:52

YAVP: Phew! That was close

133199 | D:1      | Noticed Istruok the pandemonium lord
133202 | D:1      | Dived for the entrance in slo-mo while clutching the Orb in one hand and flipping Istruok the bird with the other!
133203 | D:$      | Escaped with the Orb!

(One of those lines may be a slight embellishment)

The funny thing is, a very similar thing happened earlier in the orb run. A pan lord appeared 2 squares away from me on the very turn I reached the upstairs on Zot:3, so I just went up (while flipping him the bird, obviously). "So long, sucker! If you were one square closer, you could've followed me, but today is not your day."

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