[CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

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Halls Hopper

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[CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

Dungeon (15/15) Temple (1/1) D:4 Lair (6/6) D:11
Shoals (4/4) Lair:3 Snake (4/4) Lair:3 Orc (2/2) D:12
Elf (3/3) Orc:2 Vaults (5/5) D:14 Crypt (0/3) Vaults:3
Depths (5/5) D:15 Zot (3/5) Depths:5 Bailey (visited)
IceCv (visited) Gauntlet (visited)
Slime: Lair:5-6

Hey guys, not really sure where to go from here. I want to try and get as many runes as possible with my character, "winning" doesn't interest me that much. I could finish Zot but those OoF mutations really suck. I'll post my character shit below:

Spoiler: show
Xuku the Hoplite (Gargoyle Fighter)                Turns: 66435, Time: 02:47:53

Health: 193/193    AC: 67    Str: 29    XL:     27
Magic:  32/32      EV: 15    Int: 22    God:    Trog [******]
Gold:   2387       SH: 36    Dex:  9    Spells: 26/26 levels left

rFire    + . .     SeeInvis +   K - +9 demon trident (flame)
rCold    + . .     Gourm    .   b - +10 large shield of Honour {+Blink rElec rC+ Int-5}
rNeg     + . .     Faith    .   p - +6 plate armour of Bitterness {Regen+ Int+8 SInv}
rPois    8         Spirit   +   C - +2 helmet {SInv}
rElec    +         Reflect  .   Q - +2 cloak
rCorr    .         Harm     .   m - +2 pair of gloves
MR       +++..                  U - +2 pair of boots {run}
Stlth    ..........             V - amulet of Psychosis {Spirit rPois}
HPRegen  0.82/turn              O - ring of Robustness {AC+8}
MPRegen  0.23/turn              d - ring of Meshrie {MR+ Int+4}


Hand Weapons
 K - a +9 demon trident of flaming (weapon)
 S - a +2 demon trident of protection
 b - the +10 large shield of Honour (worn) {+Blink rElec rC+ Int-5}
   (You found it on level 6 of the Lair of Beasts)   
   It affects your intelligence (-5).
   It protects you from cold.
   It insulates you from electricity.
   It lets you blink.
 m - a +2 pair of gloves (worn)
 p - the +6 plate armour of Bitterness (worn) {Regen+ Int+8 SInv}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Shoals)   
   It affects your intelligence (+8).
   It lets you see invisible.
   It increases your rate of regeneration.
 C - a +2 helmet of see invisible (worn)
 H - the +8 plate armour "Ociweh" {rC+ Dex+3}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Shoals)   
   It affects your dexterity (+3).
   It protects you from cold.
 Q - a +2 cloak (worn)
 U - a +2 pair of boots of running (worn)
 a - a +3 amulet of reflection
 d - the ring of Meshrie (right hand) {MR+ Int+4}
   (You found it on level 1 of the Vaults)   
   [ring of protection from magic]
   It affects your intelligence (+4).
   It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
 s - a +5 amulet of reflection
 J - an uncursed ring of positive energy
 M - an uncursed ring of fire
 O - the ring of Robustness (left hand) {AC+8}
   (You bought it in a shop on level 5 of the Dungeon)   
   [ring of protection]
   It affects your AC (+8).
 P - an uncursed ring of positive energy
 V - the amulet of Psychosis (around neck) {Spirit rPois}
   (You found it on level 4 of the Vaults)   
   [amulet of guardian spirit]
   It causes incoming damage to be split between your health and magic.
   It protects you from poison.
 Z - an uncursed ring of fire
 k - a wand of disintegration (19)
 x - a wand of enslavement (34)
 y - a wand of iceblast (45)
 A - a wand of paralysis (33)
 I - a wand of digging (1)
 c - 3 scrolls of enchant weapon
 e - 13 scrolls of remove curse
 h - a scroll of enchant armour
 j - 6 scrolls of identify
 n - 7 scrolls of blinking
 r - 7 scrolls of magic mapping
 t - 10 scrolls of fear
 z - a scroll of summoning
 G - 20 scrolls of teleportation
 g - 20 potions of curing
 i - a potion of cancellation
 q - 13 potions of haste
 w - a potion of mutation
 B - 4 potions of heal wounds
 F - 6 potions of berserk rage
 N - a potion of resistance
 R - 6 potions of ambrosia
 T - 7 potions of might
 W - a potion of invisibility
 Y - 4 potions of agility
 u - a fan of gales
 E - 3 sacks of spiders
 L - a lightning rod (4/4)
 X - a lamp of fire
 f - 46 rations

 + Level 25.0 Fighting (Manual of Fighting)
 - Level 16.0 Polearms
 - Level 17.0 Armour
 - Level 17.6 Dodging
 - Level 25.1 Shields
 - Level 12.4 Evocations

You have very sharp teeth.
You have large cloven feet.
Your mind is acute. (Int +2)
Your flesh is heat resistant. (rF+)
You evolve.
Potions are less effective at restoring your health.

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: [CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

Looks like you have 4 runes(?)

If your objective is "get as many runes as I can" then traditionally you'd do the abyss next, then pan, then the hells in any order, then tomb. Abyss is *definitely* easier than the other choices, Pan is probably slightly easier than hell (Random pan lords range from much easier to slightly tougher than the rune lords, so if you can avoid them to snag the demonic rune that's for the best), and tomb is usually the toughest rune (possibly not if you're undead, but I think it's only "as hard as" the hell runes if you're undead.), "difficulty level" is pretty approximate/arbitrary past the abyss.
Spoiler: show
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Re: [CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

If you want as many runes as possible, I'd recommend switching to TSO/Zin.
Specifically, such to TSO, then do crypt, bless your demon trident (beware you can't use a demon trident with the his god's), then switch to Zin.
Before switching, it's probably worth spending all your Trog piety in Zot. OoF can't mutate you when they're being battered by brothers in arms :)
With the resistances above, you can probably do the earth-themed hell. It might be easier than Pan, and it's certainly less risky. The abyss is much nicer with 6* Zin piety, but then everything is. 5* Zin piety sucks
The ice themed hell should also be relatively easy for you, by virtue of your being gargoyle, but more rC and rN really helps.

Cocytus Succeeder

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Re: [CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

You should get a ranged option. It is great in extended to kill tormentors as fast as you can. You had Shoals, so there must be a ton of javelins around, that seems to be the best way to go.


Cocytus Succeeder

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Re: [CIP] (Gargoyle Fighter)

Morgue file seems truncated, so can't exactly see many things. How many runes do you have?

Overall, character looks good. For ranged damage, you can use Evocations or train Throwing.

Didn't Trog give you some anti-magic weapons? I don't see anything in your inventory. You have some spare enchant weapon scrolls, so get a decent one and use it against spellcasters.

Abyss is probably the easiest after the Lair branches. Take care to not make too much noise, and use Trog's Hand liberally to regen.

After that, you can try Pan. The advantage of Pan over Hell is that you can leave easily, and regeneration is easier. Probably leave Tomb till the end.

You can do Crypt for the loot.

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