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Halls Hopper

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Post Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 18:53

YAVP: 15 rune GnWz^Sif

My first 15 rune win. Previously ascended 2 times with Gnolls online and once with DE offline; all with <6 runes.
https://underhound.eu/crawl/morgue/ilii ... 164712.txt

Dungeon pre-lair. Found boots or running right away, and immidiatelly after some nice randart boots with Str and Slaying which I considered for a moment. Sif decided to gift me 2 books with high level spells so I managed to blast some unique with his whole pack with Glaciate somewhere at D:11 near the Lair enterance. Early game was rather uneventful. Bought the +9 pain trident in Orc. D:15. Sif helped mostly by giving me confidence.

Decided to try Elf without Abjuration; almost got killed by summons near the end vault. Escaped with a blink scroll or something. Entered Desolation. Left Desolation promptly with my right eye just hanging on it's optic nerve.

Learned a level 5 spell: Dispel Undead. Do you know these skulls in Crypt that torment you and summon allies and are hard to kill? They die with one cast of Dispel Undead, did you know that? I was laughing maniacally for the whole 5 minutes that took me to clear Crypt. A +9 trishula I borrowed from Mennas helped as well. Best Crawl gameplay ever.

You know, I always thought Hell branches were easier than Pan because you can focus your resistances around it's specific branch and you can leave any time, but tried Pan first just for the sake of it. Turns out that Pan might be easier because it usually has much lesser mob density. I still don't know the truth, but Torment hurts in Hells really bad. Cerebov's firestorm did not hurt anywhere close to that.

Used Necromutation to resist torment. The last part worked partially because I had to swap to a staff of wizardry before casting, and most of the time I was still travelling in a living form. Torment immunity worked perfectly when I remembered to use it. Tzitzimimeh have both Torment and Dispel Undead, so I usually used the lich form and blocked the LOS with the Lightning Spire. It's very hard to judge if the LOS would be blocked when you pick the target, I wish there was some indication. Did not enjoy being a lich because it cut my regeneration spell and the Trishula refused to work with it. Maybe a Statue form would be better? I don't know, it did not occur to me that it gives the torment immunity.

Hate malmutation. Lich form, summons, Lightning Spire, Haunt were all used to avoid it, but still managed to get mutated multiple times. Scummed Abyss for potions of mutation, which worked. Tried to scum Abyss for blink scrolls. Got bored rather quickly and decided to scum Pan instead. Entered one level inside some sick teleporter vault with greater demons and 4 portals, 3 of which lead in the same valut. Burned my last Blink scroll there. Used Sif's Death Door to escape. Returned later after clearing the floor and Shattered the damn thing.

I don't like necromancy spells that are driven by death for their false promises. Tried to use Infestation to give it a last chance. This spell did not change my mind, animation spells suck, and if you disagree with me than shut up I don't care.

Did Tomb:3 for the first time in my life, can you believe it? My plan was to immolate everything. On the first turn figured to start fighting and wait for more monsters to come. The second turn - just Ignition to kill some dudes and make some noise. When assorted enemies started to swarm, that was the time. Pressing 'r', looking at the immolation scroll at letter 'c', but seeing it as an 'o'. After pressing it, turned out that 'o' was for fog, LOL. Immolation immediatelly after was super ineffective. Revivification saved my life. Shattered my way into the wall to get a kill hole.

Could never decide between the two amulets. One gives MR++ and Spirit, and another with RegenMP. I think Spirit saved my life multiple times, plus Channel Magic has some really good synergy with it, but you never have any MP due to torments, even with Sif. Had to quaff a Magic potion for a Sif powered CBlink. RegenMP, on the other hand, is infinite Regeneration and all spells you need, so that you can get much less torments overall. Did end up wearing the Spirit amulet because I had MR++... otherwise, but I did some Pan with RegenMP and it was quite smooth. That vault part was with the Spirit and 1HP. What do you think?

I'm glad I tried a Gn^Sif, I have a strong there is a nerf coming her way. Having all those spells with almost no investment is probably OP. No other god gives you so many options, right when you need them, with no downsides, in my opinion. Other than that, her gifts are so good with gnolls, I can't believe I didn't try it earlier. Also, the lvl 9 spells. Almost never used them. Turns out, you really don't need them, even in extended. I have such bad priorities, I'm glad there are Gnolls who don't let you ruin your character by a poor skilling.
That's a silly name!

Cocytus Succeeder

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Re: YAVP: 15 rune GnWz^Sif

So this was played during the tournament, but in the wrong version? Hardcore! :D

Both your cloak and your second ring look very weird choices to me, as they give almost nothing. It is hard to believe that there are no better options for a 15-rune character.

I love it that you didn't pidgeonhole your character: a wizard, but in heavy armour and a large shield and a real weapon. (By the way, where did you get that trishula? From Mennas?)

Halls Hopper

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Re: YAVP: 15 rune GnWz^Sif

Got the Trishula from Mennas. The cloak looks like a brain fart indeed. The ring was for a total of RN+++, which I don't know if it does anything useful, now that you asked.
That's a silly name!

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