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Abandoned game: VSAc^Oka: Damnation and Penetration

PostPosted: Thursday, 10th October 2019, 01:02
by petercordia
This character has had some insane item luck so far. Started as an Archaeologist (a bcrawl exclusive class), and received Damnation as the Archaeologist's 'mysterious artefact'. I've gone Oka to get extra bolts, and Oka has given me 2 artefact Arbalests with Penetration, a Crystal Plate, and some artefact Ice Dragon Scales. In addition I have some decent artefact rings, and there are enough +Int items to cheese the bcrawl permamutation system if I ever find Necromutation.
(If you manage to get at least 150 spellpower, Necromutation becomes permanent. I hope to equip all my +Int items and a necro staff, quaff Brilliance, and then cast Necromutation twice to make use of it's Necro magic power boost. I'm not certain how much skill I'll need to make it work, but I should be able to get torment immunity fairly cheaply.)

I am slightly worried that the character appears to be very flimsy. I got below 30% hp 2 or 3 times whilst clearing V:1-2. I am probably under-levelled, because I skipped Lair. I also over-trained Stealth, because I switched to 100% stealth training to make the Desolation of Salts easier, and then forgot to switch back. I now have 1 pip of stealth when wearing the Crystal Plate :)
(BTW the Desolation was quite easy. I went in intending to use a +6 Arbalest of velocity, so as not to wake everything up with Damnation, and Oka gifted me a +7 Arbalest of penetration almost immediately. I only ever fought 4 or so monsters at a time.)

I am currently using the +7 artefact crossbow of penetration, because it's less tedious to use than Damnation. Penetration is also occasionally useful ;) And I don't want to run out of remove curse scrolls (I currently have 9). I'm also currently wearing the Ice Dragon Scales, intending to switch to the Crystal Plate when I've trained some more armour skill. Currently the Crystal Plate gives me 6 AC at the cost of 11 EV.

Below a selection of my available stuff and character dump: ... ordia4.txt
 (carried) the +6 arbalest "Damnation" {damnation, *Curse}
 (carried) the +7 arbalest of the Chickpea {penet, *Corrode rF+ rN+ MR++ Dex+3}
 b - [Vaults:2] a runed arbalest {god gift}
 c - [Vaults:2] the +6 arbalest "Eptipet" {penet, rN+}
 d - [Vaults:2] a +6 arbalest of velocity
 h - [Vaults:1] a glowing arbalest {god gift}
j - [D:11] a +3 triple crossbow of velocity

(carried) the ring "Cenau" {rElec rPois rF+}
 (carried) the ring "Tooblyp" {*Drain +Inv Int+4 Dex+3}
 (carried) the ring of Laxtaet {+Fly rElec rF+ rN+}
 (carried) the ring of the Endless Expanse {rElec rPois rC+ Int+2 Dex+3}
 a - [Vaults:2] the ring "Zidutog" {MR+ Str+3 Int+4}
c - [Orc] the ring of Asaupuank {rF+ rC+ Stlth+} (565 gold)

 a - [Vaults:2] the ring "Zidutog" {MR+ Str+3 Int+4}
 c - [Vaults:2] the +6 ring mail of Raih {rF+++ rC- Int+8}
d - [Orc] the amulet "Meosun" {Reflect Int+8 SH+2} (438 gold)

 (carried) a +1 crystal plate armour
(carried) the +1 ice dragon scales "Lyhiat" {rF- rC++ Str+6 Stlth-}

Re: CIP: VSAc^Oka: Damnation and Penetration

PostPosted: Thursday, 10th October 2019, 17:18
by onomastikon
Is bcrawl beta or a particular mod?

Re: CIP: VSAc^Oka: Damnation and Penetration

PostPosted: Thursday, 10th October 2019, 19:04
by Siegurt
onomastikon wrote:Is bcrawl beta or a particular mod?

It's a fork, source is here:
Download build here:

You can play online
here: and
and maybe on other servers.

Re: CIP: VSAc^Oka: Damnation and Penetration

PostPosted: Thursday, 10th October 2019, 22:54
by petercordia
bcrawl is a mod, also known as a fork.
It features several new backgrounds and species and artefacts, reworked ice magic, some buffed gods, and some reworked staves. Also a number of dungeon floors are removed (S-branches:3, D:10-13, V:3-4, C:2, O:2, Hell:2-6), there are a couple of balances changes, and traps trigger when you use stairs instead of through exploration. I'm probably still missing some things.
I quite like it, and I play on (the german server, I think)

Re: CIP: VSAc^Oka: Damnation and Penetration

PostPosted: Friday, 27th March 2020, 23:20
by petercordia
Just to let you know that I've abandoned this game: ... 231619.txt

Since I've finished a game with a Skeleton^Oka who got his/her hands on the Damnation crossbow I've lost interest in doing essentially the same thing again.