Post Wednesday, 8th April 2020, 14:42

YAVP: First Yred win

I've played Yred a few times before, but never even got as far as Lair.
However, this time, I managed to get the win somehow:

Yred is a lot of fun. I felt like the Night King, raising my fallen enemies to join my army. In the midgame, Yred starts gifting you some very handly spellcasting allies, like vampire knights that can paralyse enemies. Also, it's fun to enslave the souls of powerful uniques. In the course of this game, I enslaved Mara, Aizul, Asterion, Margery and Xtahua. Sadly, they all died, er... I mean were destroyed.

Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but it seemed that the most useful allies - Yred gifts and enslaved souls, which you can bring with you when you leave the level - would always rush to the front of the melee and die, whereas the less useful ones, which I'd raised myself and which couldn't leave the level, would hang back and survive. I wish you could give individual allies orders. Also, orbs of fire really chew through your allies with their fireballs. I guess you're better off not bringing your allies into fights with enemies that have AoE spells like that.

I did a really stupid thing on Zot:5 that almost got me killed. The entrance to one lung was blocked by a dispersal trap, and the other lung had an orange statue between the two chambers. I decided the statue would be too hard, so I went through the dispersal trap. I figured that if I needed to run, I would do it early and and just keep trying the dispersal trap until it put me outside the lung. Bad idea. I did need to run, but through a combination of the dispersal trap at the entrance and some others further in, which enemies stepped on, I ended up in the 2nd chamber of the lung, with all my allies dead and facing 3 orbs of fire and a bunch of other nasties. I burned a bunch of consumables in order to survive long enough (barely) to teleport out. Then I decided to try killing the orange statue, and guess what, it was super easy. I should've done that in the first place. D'oh!

Later on, I pulled off a pretty fancy manoeuvre kind of by accident, but I was quite proud of it: I lured 2 orbs of fire into a room where there was an upstairs. I almost died again getting to the upstairs, but I managed to do it. Then I realised: "Hey, orbs of fire don't have hands", so I came down another set of stairs and simply closed the door on them. :lol:

The orb run was reasonably straightforward. The zombies and skeletons I'd raised on the way down were useful for running interference whenever something nasty generated. I got 2 pan lords, but managed to evade them. Sigmund tried to block my path on D:2, but I just steamrollered right over him and then brought him back as my zombie servant. That's payback for all the times you've murdered me, ya bastard!