Post Saturday, 29th June 2019, 17:45

YAVP - Uskayaw

First dance win! :D

Where to even begin with this, the game was really fun! Normally, I'd say Qazlal gives the most high risk / reward plays. Uskayaw is definitely a close second. There were certainly some hairy moments where this run could have ended badly, but some liberal consumable use and reckless butchery won the day.

Lessons learned:
1) Cerebov is spiteful enough to cast Firestorm at point blank.
2) Lom Lobon will kill any nearby helpers with Tornado.
3) When a {chaos} hit duplicates an enemy, every piece of equipment they have is also duplicated. Does anyone know if randarts and fixedarts are exempt from this?
4) Berserk potions are a hot commodity for dancers.

Full chardump:

Two acquirements were good:
 36980 | Elf:2    | Identified the ring "Wifoudin" {*Corrode rF+ rC+ Dex+3
                  | SInv} (You acquired it on level 2 of the Elven Halls)
 42952 | Vaults:3 | Identified the +2 pair of gloves of Negation {+Blink rCorr
                  | Slay+2} (You acquired it on level 3 of the Vaults)
There is always something new to learn.