Post Saturday, 25th May 2019, 19:40

YAVP! Hybridizing on a GnSk^Veh


I remember few years ago, all the time I spent trying to make a good hybrid... and all the generations of MfSk succumbed in the attempt.
Then I recall the introduction of Gargoyles and how things got easier, possible, yet a bit clunky of combination.

More recently, I happened to see more and more discussion about Gnolls, and how they appear to be fairly overpowered. So I decided to give them a try.
And here we are, with an incredibly balanced GnSk, in a fire dragon scale, casting LV9 spells, CBlink, Borgnjor's Revivific, DDoor and swinging Wyrmbane with way too much hubris for a hybrid (luck was on my side a couple of time).


Besides rhetoric, I have to admit that with Gn the game changes substantially, definitely easier in certain parts, but takes more time to accumulate enough XP and reliably reach the skill level needed. Eventually, I managed to get annoyed of farming Abyss.

Few important points:
-Borgnjor's Revivific. it's just too good to have, I was used to keep CBlink as escape option on other casters, but this time I didn't use it.
-Is it really Glaciate more effective than Fire storm? It seemed so this time.
-Statue Form really helped on many occasion, torment is more frequent than I remembered.

Best of luck