Post Monday, 29th April 2019, 16:15

YAVP - 1st Ziggurat Cleared - DDFi^Makhleb 15 Runes

Wow DDFi ^ Makhleb really are a powerhouse. Yesterday night I literally proceeded to clear all the 15 runes and a full ziggurat with only axe and shield. I never learned a spell, never used ranged or wands (only javelin of penetration in 2 occasions in the ziggurat to kill pesky flay ghosts) and barely any consumables (only scrolls of fog for mummy floors on zigg and a couple of teleport scrolls for Tomb 2 & 3. I was so confident I even used Maxwell's Patent Armor for a while cause I never needed to teleport away. I was afraid of mutations because I had only 4 potions of mut and by the end of Slime, Abyss and Pan I had all the nasty ones like berserkitis 3, Teleportitis 3, blurry vision and No potion heal. Didn't matter, I simply plowed my way through everything. I actually entered the zigg to see if I could cure at least blurry vision (I didn't trust doing Tomb without scrolls even with such and OP character). I loved having the fencer's gloves because it allowed me to wear less AC and boots my EV for riposte. Pretty cool to riposte and cleave at the same time. By the en of zigg I was also able to try all the cool unrandarts, like Dark Maul, Frostbite, and Sceptre of Torment. My absolute favorite was Firestarter with which I cleared Tomb. So much fun to see the Toilet paper men burn like matches all over!

Still can't get over how strong this guy was. I wanted to attempt another Zigg but this being my first I didn't want to risk it. My next attempt I thnk will be with VSFi^Usk

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