CIP: DDNe looking for advice from experienced players

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Lair Larrikin

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Post Thursday, 31st January 2019, 01:04

CIP: DDNe looking for advice from experienced players


I'm interested in having a high winrate/being able to streak, I'm not there yet. Any advice?

Things which I believe I did wrong:

1) I should have memorised and used Animate Dead a long time ago.
2) I probably should have gotten a weapon skill before going into earth magic, not after
3) I should have gotten 6-10 levels in evo a long time ago. (Is it still worth it?)

My planned next moves:
1) Getting some more fighting/dodging/armour, since my killdudes capacity is relatively ok.
2) Get Invo to about 14-16 to be able to more safely use Greater Servant
3) Get 4-5 levels in translocations for apportation and blink
4) Get spectral weapon online
5) Maybe some stealth?
6) Vault:$ scares me a lot, but I guess there's still a long time until I'm forced to go for the third rune.
Yes, I play offline, tiles and stable. I am not l33t enough :_(

Cocytus Succeeder

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Re: CIP: DDNe looking for advice from experienced players

You already said yourself everything. Go and win the game!

The only import advice I can give is: your character is already set to win the game - very good offence, decent defences for nw, DD + Makh. The only thing that may kill you is hubris.
Play good, and you'll be fine. Don't fight hordes of enemies at once.Separate them, use corners, stairdance, whatever. Don't fight unnecessary strong enemies. If you need buff and summon allies before doing. Run whenever the situation looks possibly difficult.

Some minor advices:
* if you raise str you may wear some heavier armor. I'm saying this because your dex is low so raising more dodging would be quite a waste in my opinion.
* V:5 if tackled correctly isn't so dangerous, especially with Makh that let you stay at high health. However, I find Slimes for most chars - especially melee dude - far less dangerous, as there is only 1 predictable dangerous fight instead of possibly dozens.
screw it I hate this character I'm gonna go melee Gastronok

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