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YAVP - FeTm^Chei

Morgue - http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/biasf ... 203616.txt

Felid was my second to last species for greatplayer (other than vampire). I did a TM for blade hands, and ended up taking a d3 chei at the suggestion of one of my spectators. (this was a streak game but it was a one-streak) It was pretty bad but I had some nice wands that let me power through the early game (enslavement, para, clouds). I also quaffed a !mut on D:5 to try and get something good but got berserkitis instead.
  9044 | D:5      | watch this
  9044 | D:5      | Gained mutation: Your spells are a little harder to cast,
                  | but a little more powerful. [potion of mutation]
  9044 | D:5      | Gained mutation: You tend to lose your temper in combat.
                  | [potion of mutation]
  9044 | D:5      | Gained mutation: You expend magic power (3 MP) to
                  | strengthen your wands. [potion of mutation]
  9044 | D:5      | Gained mutation: You evolve. [potion of mutation]
  9045 | D:5      | oops

Died once to a D:8 centaur warrior I decided to fight for some reason.
 14151 | D:8      | Reached XP level 10. HP: 44/44 MP: 14/14
 14365 | D:8      | Slain by a centaur warrior
 14366 | D:8      | Reached XP level 9. HP: -2/40 MP: 6/13

On d10 I got blade hands castable, and I think this speaks for itself -
 17064 | D:10     | Noticed a deep troll
 17065 | D:10     | what the heck
 17073 | D:10     | Killed a deep troll
 17137 | D:10     | Noticed a stone giant
 17155 | D:10     | Killed a stone giant

Went into lair with merely a lig to deal with hydras (killed a 4-headed one guarding the entrance with ice form but this was risky in retrospect). I ended up finding the book of transfigurations in lair. With the power of chei i quickly got it castable and went off to orc which was a breeze. In orc I acquired a certain spell...
 31471 | Orc:2    | Bought a book of Party Tricks for 600 gold pieces
 31479 | Orc:2    | Learned a level 6 spell: Invisibility

If you didn't know, felids get dagger-tier stabs with their claws, and this is not suppressed in statue form! The rest of the game was a cakewalk with something like 30/40 defenses ( got dmsl later too) in stat form as well as the aforementioned invisibility. I ended the game with 62 EV by casting spider form and quaffing an agi.
Conclusion - FeTm^Chei is the sleeper combo you're all missing out on

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Re: YAVP - FeTm^Chei

biasface wrote:ended up taking a d3 chei at the suggestion of one of my spectators.

It's hard to guess whether the spectator was joking or trolling or talking seriously. Felids have one big advantage (speed), but who needs that, let's go Chei instead!
Bizarre. With spectators like that, who needs enemies?

Congrats on the win!

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Re: YAVP - FeTm^Chei

Congrats. Fe of Chei is one of the worst combos of the game. You were quite lucky to find Statue Form that early, otherwise you would have very serious problems: inability to run away, inability to use main advantage of Chei (casting high level spells in heavy armour), inability to tank damage due to low HP, inability to be an efficient hybrid (it's hard to cast spells with Blade Hands and you cannot spend just a little XP on weapon like +9 demon whip of electrocution you can find on D:4).
Underestimated: cleaving, Deep Elf, Formicid, Vehumet, EV
Overestimated: AC, GDS
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Re: YAVP - FeTm^Chei

biasface wrote:ended up taking a d3 chei at the suggestion of one of my spectators.
Was it Bloax? :D
Anyway congrats!
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