Bazaar portal in Shoals surrounded by lava?

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Bazaar portal in Shoals surrounded by lava?


I played pretty recklessly to find the Bazaar before it expired, since I imagine as Gozag finding a Bazaar is a pretty big deal, given how much gold I have to spare.

I'm playing a Mummy, so potion of flight isn't an option (unless Gozag gives me one with Potion Petition, but that's a stretch). There are no +fly evocables in my game that I know of, nor is there random blink. Is a scroll of blinking my only option to get in?

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Re: Bazaar portal in Shoals surrounded by lava?

From the dump you've already entered the bazar with ?blink, but anyway: yes.

I'd probably tried a potion petition before - because ?blink is very valuable but otherwise you had no other choice as far as I know. Well except an incredible lucky teleport.
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Re: Bazaar portal in Shoals surrounded by lava?

That's a pretty obnoxious vault trick :/
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