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YAVP First post to the tavern

After playing this game off and on sense around 2007 or so i can finally post a win im somewhat proud of.
this will be my third win my first being a merfolk berserker something like 5 years ago, (4 rune run) the second around a month ago being a hill orc fighter of beogh (way better class then i thought)
and now finally to round out the easy god powered fighters, my coup de gra, a dumb beefy tank build of TSO, (because i dont know how i could beat tomb without the aoe anti demon invocation)
found a large shield of resistance on d1 and the rest of the run kinda followed from there i was blessed with great luck.
found an early demon trident i could bless before i got banished XD early
found a treasure trove that required a +6 demon whip wish a +5 demon whip on the same floor
managed to keep my resistances pretty much maxed throughout the whole late game barring an odd rc or rm
tomb gave me a huge scare and i really thought i was done when i hit 15 hp (yellow on the hp from poison) no idea how i made it was pure luck and potions i guess
and my mutations ended up mostly helping me out which was real nice.
i ended up with alot of int gear which i didn't think would help much but there were moments where if i didn't have that gear i may have forgotten how to breath, so even that was lucky

this wil

mostly made this post the thank you guys for staying alive as a development team/ community
this game means alot to me and i consider it to be one of if not my favorite video game. thanks for the challenge guys.
keep crawlin :D
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