MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

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Spider Stomper

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MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

I have my 15 runes and I've cleared one zig. Going to go on my second zig. ... dubois.txt

Which items do you drop?

 s - a +9 broad axe of freezing
 C - a +9 demon trident of electrocution
 Z - the +14 obsidian axe (weapon) {chop, +Fly SInv *Curse}

 c - 16 throwing nets {=f}
 w - 72 javelins of penetration (quivered)

 h - the +10 pearl dragon scales "Baxkib" (worn) {rC+ rN+ Regen+ Str+2 Dex-2}
 m - a +2 cloak of invisibility
 n - the +2 pair of gloves of Paumaur (worn) {MR+}
 o - the +9 large shield "Xoakhlos" (worn) {+Blink rElec rCorr Slay+3}
 p - a +2 pair of boots of running (worn) {Speed+}
 u - a +2 pair of gloves of strength {Str+3}
 x - the +2 hat of the Bear Spirit (worn) {Spirit, +Rage rN+ MR++}
 F - +6 fire dragon scales
 H - the +9 scales of the Dragon King {rPois rF+ rC+ MR+}
 U - the +2 cloak of the Thief (worn) {+Fog Slay-2 SInv Stlth+}

 b - the amulet of Vitality {Regen+ HP+15}
 q - the amulet "Helir" (around neck) {rF++ MR- Regen+}
 y - the brooch of Shielding {Reflect SH+8}

 v - a ring of the Octopus King (left hand) {Wiz AC+1 EV+1 Str+1 Int+1 Dex+1}
 k - the ring of Robustness (right hand) {AC+8}
 A - the ring of Gafodi Epim {Fire *Drain Int+10 Dex+3 Stlth+}
 I - the ring of Zycsoble {rF++ rC+ rN++ MP-9}
 J - the ring "Roturr" {+Fly rElec Str+5 Slay+3 Stlth+}
 P - the ring "Dublyr" {Int+4 Dex+2 Slay+2 SInv}

 l - a wand of scattershot (9)
 K - a wand of acid (15)
 M - a wand of iceblast (75)
 S - a wand of clouds (7)

 a - 26 scrolls of remove curse
 e - 10 scrolls of fear
 f - 23 scrolls of fog
 i - 24 scrolls of identify
 t - 33 scrolls of teleportation
 B - 18 scrolls of blinking {!r}
 L - a scroll of summoning
 O - 4 scrolls of silence

 G - a manual of Evocations {!d}

 d - the horn of Geryon
 g - 10 phantom mirrors
 j - 12 boxes of beasts
 r - 10 sacks of spiders
 z - a lightning rod (4/4)
 R - a fan of gales
 V - a lamp of fire

My rF+ options are a little on the weak side, at least compared to the amazingness of some of my other gear (dat shield omg!), and sort of obligates me to using the {rF++ MR- Regen+} amulet, IMHO. If I want to use the scales of the Dragon King, Shatter drops to a 32% success rate and Infestation to 17%, and that's with the +Wiz octopus ring, so I've been sticking with the PDS for now. I can re-evaluate at 27 Spellcasting 27 Earth - maybe with Fire Int+10 ring and +Wiz ring, I coul cast in Dragon King and have enough rF++ to wear one of the awesome an unrand amulets?

I think the only spells I cast clearing the first zig was BVC, Shatter, Aura, Shroud, Infestation, and SoS. Pretty sure I have every spell in the game in my library now. Here's what I have memorized:

b - Borgnjor's Vile Clut  Necr/Erth      ########..   0%          5    N/A
d - Death Channel         Necr           ########..   1%          6    N/A
k - Blink                 Tloc           N/A          1%          2    N/A
l - Summon Lightning Spi  Summ/Air       ######..     1%          4    N/A
n - Silence               Hex/Air        ######....   1%          5    N/A
p - Apportation           Tloc           #####.       1%          1    N/A
t - Shatter               Erth           #######...   4%          9    N/A
u - Dispel Undead         Necr           ########     1%          5    N/A
v - Summon Mana Viper     Hex/Summ       ######..     1%          5    N/A
y - Yara's Violent Unrav  Hex/Tmut       #####.....   3%          5    N/A
A - Aura of Abjuration    Summ           ######....   1%          5    N/A
G - Shroud of Golubria    Chrm/Tloc      #####.....   1%          2    N/A
I - Infestation           Necr           ########..   2%          8    N/A
S - Song of Slaying       Chrm           #####...     1%          2    N/A
W - Swiftness             Chrm/Air       ######..     1%          2    N/A

I mostly just walked down to the one-hole slot in the zig, shouted, shot off an infest or two and and 2-3 BVCs when they would be "high value", maybe evoking Fog with my cloak if there was a bunch of stuff that could shoot me, and then just tabbed through everything with the obsidian axe. I often didn't even bother to Shatter, since that would kill my scarabs and demons. I would SoS and potion request for DPS buffs when stuff got to melee range, and if took some damage, I might potion request again for heal/magic. I never had any scary moments where I considered teleport or blinking. I think Fog prevents some of the theoretical situations where you are getting LCSed or smited or hellfired by a dozen guys at once, and being a mummy means tormentors are popcorn.

Mummies are pretty fun once you've "made it"!

Spider Stomper

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Re: MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

I ended up bailing on level 18 of zig #2. Things went south when the panlords started casting Dispel Undead on me, and Abujuring my demons/scarabs. I had no plan for that, and still don''t know the right way to handle it.

I almost got myself killed, when I came up with the "bright idea" of using a scroll of silence to stop the Dispel Undead's from happening. This, of course, prevents several of my tools like blink scrolls or potion petitions, and I started getting whittled down by panlords in melee. I was fully buffed with petitions before I read the scroll it, but still, I was knocked down into the 40s, at which point I started walking backwards behind a terrain obstacle, and spamming sacks and boxes until my silence expired. Somehow I was petrified through my +++++ MR back near the zig entrance, but didn't take any damage during that incident. At that point, I gave up and read 3 blink scrolls to go straight to the exit and left for good.

I felt bad, because this was probably the best gear I've ever hard in DCSS, and I figured a Mummy with his torment immunity was the best possible character to do extended and multi-zig with. But if I had died and lost my first Mu and Mo wins, and my chance at !oneandwon on MuMo, I would have felt worse.

In retrospect, using the Bear +spirit hat was not a good plan, if I intended to have the option of casting multiple Shatters on harder levels. The Dispel Undeads left me nearly out of mana, pretty much as soon as I got off my initial Infestation/SoS/Shroud/BVC. At some point I'll play another Mummy and get a better AoE caster build, but I'll probably never see gear that good again. :(

Snake Sneak

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Re: MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

Well, there's always the ziggurat figurine from the bottom of Tomb for another go at zigs if you haven't ascended yet! Sounds like you're pretty disappointed you didn't do more multizigging.

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Re: MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

Silence doesn't do anything to demon casting.

Dispel Undead does really hurt. You just gotta kill the casters. Big spells like Tornado help. Makhleb's HP on kills helps too: when your HP is low, you can fire off a Shatter/Ignition/Fire Storm/Glaciate to kill a bunch of popcorn for HP.

You probably got paralyzed by chaos-branded melee. Eldritch tentacles and some random PanLords have it. Paralysis is a small-probabiliry effect that is irresistible. Getting paralyzed while surrounded by PanLords is the one really dangerous situation you can't prepare for in megazigs. In the floors filled with PanLords, it's best to fight in a corner, so as few as possible can melee you and to have good AC, since EV and SH are 0 during paralysis. Fighting in a corner is good in general, but it's awfully hard to not run to the middle and fire off Tornadoes/Ignitions to clear the floor quickly.

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Re: MuMo of Gozag, one zig down

Airwolf wrote:Paralysis is a small-probabiliry effect that is irresistible. Getting paralyzed while surrounded by PanLords is the one really dangerous situation you can't prepare for in megazigs. In the floors filled with PanLords, it's best to fight in a corner, so as few as possible can melee you and to have good AC, since EV and SH are 0 during paralysis.

What exactly is good AC? I had 36 and was a DD and was paralyzed by an eye with almost full hitpoints and killed.
520429 zhorgal the Champion of Chaos (level 24, 0/238 HPs)
             Began as a Deep Dwarf Fighter on May 16, 2018.
             Was the Champion of Makhleb.
             Slain by a spriggan berserker
             ... wielding a +2 hand axe of electrocution
              (9 damage)
             ... while paralysed by a floating eye
             ... on level 4 of the Depths on May 19, 2018.
             The game lasted 05:11:31 (45768 turns).
zhorgal the Champion of Chaos (Deep Dwarf Fighter) Turns: 45768, Time: 05:11:32

Health: 0/238      AC: 36    Str: 33    XL:     24   Next: 62%
Magic:  17/17      EV:  2    Int: 11    God:    Makhleb [******]
Gold:   3350       SH:  0    Dex: 12    Spells: 16/29 levels left

rFire    + + +     SeeInvis +   a - +9 broad axe (freeze)
rCold    + + +     Gourm    .   V - +2 shield of Resistance {rF+ rC+ MR+}
rNeg     + . .     Faith    .   Y - +7 gold dragon scales
rPois    +         Spirit   .   D - +0 helmet
rElec    .         Reflect  +   j - scarf {rC+ rF+}
rCorr    +         Harm     .   B - +2 pair of gloves {Str+3}
MR       ++++.                  r - +0 pair of boots
Stlth    ..........             E - +3 amulet of reflection
HPRegen  0.00/turn              A - ring of resist corrosion
MPRegen  0.15/turn              N - ring of Faotar {rPois rC+ SInv}

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