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YASD: FoMo^Nem

PostPosted: Sunday, 13th May 2018, 23:17
by Vanguardan
Formicids are one of the most interesting species IMO. Killholes on demand can be incredibly useful, and not having to worry about a lot of debuffing nasties is a great trade for no teleporting.

This is your standard heavy armor basher, I took Nemelex, despite realizing midway through that a lot of the Deck of Escape is useless to Formicids (Velocity, Shaft, and Tomb to some extent). Anyway, except for a particularly hairy close call in Snake:4 with guardian serpents, things have gone according to plan.

I just cleared Vaults, and I'll hit Elf and Depths, but I'm not 100% decided on my third rune. Thinking that Slime is probably the best bet. I have rCorr, and lots of summons will probably make minced jello out of TRJ pretty quick. As for the other two possibilities, I'm just incredibly worried about attempting V:5 or Abyss without access to teleport.
-I know Fo shafting doesn't work in Abyss, but what about Nem's Shaft card?
-Will using a hatch on V:4 have the same effect as shafting myself (as far as randomly dropping me into V:5. I'm not sure I want to take that chance anyway.)

EDIT: It worked. Slime was pretty much a breeze. I cleared Crypt before heading to Zot, where I immediately died because the game decided that it was good to place 3 curse toes+tentacled monstrosities at the entrance so I got repeatedly confused, tormented and prevented from leaving.