Post Monday, 22nd January 2018, 23:20

YAVP GrFi^Oka and PTSD from the abyss

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This was my first online win. Early game went smoothly, with Okawaru giving me an artifact Elec eveningstar at the end of lair, and later a normal one of draining. I didn't have any MR or rF/rC for the lair branches, but they went well (because gargoyle). In Vaults I got some MR and resists, and was 1% banished by a deep elf demonologist. Luckily Abyss:2 was relatively survivable. Depths was mostly smooth except for some ridiculous full-floor vault on the second floor. I decided to do Vaults:5 for third rune. While stair dancing, I brought up an ancient lich, and got 2% banished to Abyss:5. I thought for sure I was dead but the terrain was favorable enough for me to dig out a psuedo-killhole which let me escape. Zot was quite easy as I had found an amulet with rC++ and rF. (Orbs of fire gave me two positive mutations, as a nice bonus). After clearing Zot:5, I stepped next to the orb to grab it... only to step on a zot trap and get banished to abyss:5... I nearly died, going down to 22 HP, but somehow managed to escape. Orb run went smoothly and I won!

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