Finally! A CURRENTLY successful HOFi of Beogh!

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Finally! A CURRENTLY successful HOFi of Beogh!

Hey everyone, nice to join the party! I have played DCSS a large amount on CBRO, but this is my first post to the Tavern. I guess I'm just excited as I finally have managed to get a HOFi that can actually still be successful while worshiping Beogh. What I've learned at Lvl 18 is to try to use your command key to [g]uard the area as much as you can, and mainly acquire any strong help (e.g. St Roka or Warlords) thru the Orcish Mines. Only use them as needed via the Recall function. What is even weirder is that I am still wearing scale mail (Kryia's mail) and using a war axe (though it being +9 and of electrocution doesn't hurt).

nebgrebaes the Cleaver (Hill Orc Fighter) Turns: 44063, Time: 02:19:19

Health: 151/157 AC: 29 Str: 30 XL: 18 Next: 10%
Magic: 28/28 EV: 17 Int: 14 God: Beogh [******]
Gold: 1743 SH: 18 Dex: 10 Spells: 7/26 levels left

rFire . . . SeeInvis . a - +9 war axe (elec)
rCold + . . Gourm . c - +5 shield
rNeg . . . Faith . E - +7 Kryia's mail coat {PotionHeal*2 rC+}
rPois + Spirit + R - +2 hat
rElec . Reflect . t - +2 cloak {rPois}
rCorr + Harm . s - +2 pair of gloves {Str+3}
MR ++... Clarity + b - +2 pair of boots
Stlth .......... X - amulet of guardian spirit
Regen 0.4/turn u - ring "Ruylu" {rCorr Int+4}
MPRegen 0.3/turn q - +3 ring of evasion

@: no status effects
A: walk on water, clarity, clever 1, magic resistance 1
a: Smiting, Recall Orcish Followers, Give Item to Named Follower, Resurrection,
Renounce Religion

My character is probably long dead by the time you have read this. If this is not yet the case, any advice???

Hello from the State of Washington!
Nebgrebaes the Severer


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Re: Finally! A CURRENTLY successful HOFi of Beogh!

It would help if you post your entire character dump in "Code" tags.

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