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Mines Malingerer

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Post Wednesday, 5th January 2011, 19:19

YASD - Jellied on D:1

I don't know if this is really a YASD or just being killed by the RNG, but...

I just rolled up a DECj. The first dungeon chamber was next to one filled with monsters, including jellies. It had transparent crystal walls, and a door with a warning scrawled on it. So I set a travel restriction on it and moved on. A handful of turns later, the jellies had dissolved the door, and ended up dissolving me.

Lair Larrikin

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Re: YASD - Jellied on D:1

I'm pretty sure jellies can't dissolve a closed door! Maybe something else opened it...?

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: YASD - Jellied on D:1

Oh, they certainly can dissolve doors. Only the lowest-level ooze can't eat doors. That particular vault will usually have a relatively harmless ooze in it, which you can let out when you're done with the rest of the level for free xp, but if it has a jelly and you can't separate that jelly from the ambient floor trash you will have a very bad day indeed. The real threat is, of course, getting cornered or sandwiched between the jelly and another monster, because one hit from that thing can kill a D1 character.

Try not to wake up the jelly. Once you've recognized the vault, just walk quietly away in the other direction.

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