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waltorious blog on DCSS

So this is a blog on games and its creator is a long-time fan of DCSS among other things
https://waltorious.wordpress.com/tag/du ... tone-soup/
Here I snip perhaps the most interesting parts from his latest post on DCSS:

[cirle-LOS meant] that sneaking up on an enemy was easier if done diagonally. The square sightline solves this without resorting to confusing tricks like diagonal movement taking more time.

There are other changes as well, mostly a huge slew of rule tweaks, but there are also some new items and monsters and other interesting stuff.

One of the characters I got was a Deep Elf Conjurer, a pure spellcasting character. If you’ve read my earlier Roguelike Updates posts, you may remember that I’ve never really learned to play a pure spellcaster effectively. I’ve wanted to learn, however, so I went to the (spoiler-filled!) wiki page for Dungeon Crawl and checked if anyone had written a strategy guide for a Deep Elf Conjurer.

Someone has!

it’s not at all obvious that a Conjurer would be the default magic-using occupation to pick. It sounds like someone who engages in party tricks or summonings, rather than someone who hurls magical fire at her enemies. But what a Conjurer actually does in the game is specialize in Conjurations, the school of magic associated with offensive spells. Other magic schools that sound like they would be all about attack magic, like Fire Magic or Ice Magic, are actually more general; anything involving ice, including spells that create icy armor or cool down the caster to slow their hunger rate, fall under Ice Magic.

Searing Ray cleverly introduces the concept of a “beam” spell, which can pierce through several enemies in a straight line. Searing Ray starts out weak, but the caster can continue casting it on consecutive turns by simply standing still and waiting. This costs additional magic points each turn, but it also makes the beam more and more powerful, until it is eventually tearing through several enemies at once. It’s a good introduction for how to use more powerful spells like Bolt of Fire

Spellcasters can be amazingly powerful in combat, but if they run out of magic points, they find themselves helpless. This never happens to fighters. It meant I had to be very careful about managing my resources, and cautious because my Conjurers were far less resilient than my fighters.


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Re: waltorious blog on DCSS

checked if anyone had written a strategy guide for a Deep Elf Conjurer

Poor man.

For this message the author Sar has received thanks:

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Re: waltorious blog on DCSS

I don't believe there is a spell that slows down your hunger rate...I assume he means Metabolic Englaciation and just took the title a bit too literally?

FR: Rename Metabolic Englaciation to "Mass slow for non-cold resistant monsters"

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