Smitten while invised

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Smitten while invised


I just got smitten by an orc priest while being invisible.
How is that even possible? I
According to the wiki they need a los.

Tips & Tricks

Orc priests can be neutralized by hiding from their line of sight (they will try to rush you if they can't smite you), making them confused/paralyzed, or trapping them in a throwing net.


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Re: Smitten while invised

You know how you can sometimes see an outline of an invisible enemy and target it? Monsters have something that kinda emulates that, where they can try to guess where you are and smart monsters can get better guesses. This is especially true if you're standing right next to the monster. At least if I'm reading the code correctly. Looks like 1/3 chance for monsters you're directly adjacent to and 1/12 chance for intelligent monsters otherwise. If you're under Ash penance, 1/2 chance they'll know where you are when invisible. So, I think Invis helps, but it's no guarantee.

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Temple Termagant

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Re: Smitten while invised

ok, thank you. I didnt know that applies to smiting too. Well...OUCH ;-D

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Re: Smitten while invised

I'm surprised that works that way. Smite should require a clear sight of the target, not just guessing the square, as it is a targetted attack and not an area effect like fireball or hellfire. You are literally looking at some guy and invoking your god's wrath specifically against him. Would file a bug report or bring it up in game design..
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Re: Smitten while invised

Fuck that area of air in particular. ... speon.html. I started playing in 0.16.1
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